Spring Recycling Event: May 21, 9 am to noon at the Bedford DPW Building

Submitted by the Bedford DPW

Some of the electronic waste collected during Bedford's April, 2015 Recycling Day - Image (c) JMcCT, 2015 all rights reserved
Some of the electronic waste collected during Bedford’s April, 2015 Recycling Day – Image (c) JMcCT, 2015 all rights reserved

The Bedford Department of Public Works will host its annual spring recycling event on Saturday, May 21st from 9 a.m. to noon at the DPW facility at 314 Great Road.

“We are providing residents with the opportunity to recycle materials that are not part of the town’s curbside recycling program,” said Bedford Recycling Coordinator Ed McGrath.  “At the two recycling events last year, we recycled about 27 tons of materials. It’s apparent to the DPW that residents want the opportunity to recycle these materials.

According to Recycling Coordinator McGrath, the DPW will be collecting electronic waste, Styrofoam, scrap metal, rigid plastics, fluorescent lamps, mercury-containing items, sealed lead acid batteries and rechargeable batteries.  Paper shredding will also be available to residents on that day.

“We also wanted to make available the collection of fluorescent lamps and rechargeable batteries,” McGrath added. “I know a lot of residents can’t get to the DPW during the week and this collection stop was very busy at last year’s events.”

Documents to be Shredded

Doc Shredding will be on site to collect a maximum of five file boxes from each car. The paper will be shredded with energy created from solar power at Doc Shredding’s facility in Wrentham. A certificate of destruction will be available upon request. Doc Shredding has a “AAA” certification from the National Association of Information Destruction.

“We won’t be shredding paper on site that day,” McGrath said. “We are replicating the process Doc Shredding used last year in Bedford and uses with various federal agencies.”


ReFoamit accepts foam products with a #6 or #4 recycling code. The company will take foam from packaging even if there isn’t a recycling symbol on it. Other items ReFoamit accepts are: rinsed produce trays, meat trays and take-out containers; coffee cups (Dunkin Donuts, Honey Dew, Cumberland Farms, etc.); foam egg cartons; food trays; and white insulation sheets.  Unacceptable items include packing peanuts and bubble wrap, foam with a #5 recycling symbol, and blue and pink insulation sheets. A list of acceptable and unacceptable items is available at https://www.refoamit.com.

Electronic Redux

On its website, Electronix Redux says “Almost anything with a plug, battery, or electronic can and should be recycled.” This includes computers, laptops, cell phones, cameras, TVs, gaming systems, office machines, stereo and video equipment.

Rigid plastics and scrap metal

There will be dumpsters on site May 21 for rigid plastics and scrap metal from residents.  The types of rigid plastics being collected are bulky items that aren’t collected in the curbside program like children’s toys (play kitchen, slide, etc.), flower pots, 5-gallon buckets, kitty litter buckets, lawn and patio furniture, crates, and storage bins.

“The weekly recycling collection is for typical food and other household containers,” said McGrath, adding that last year’s collection netted more than 1,500 pounds of rigid plastics.  “This collection is for the plastic toys you’ve accumulated over the years. And, now that your child is either driving or heading off to college, it’s your chance to make space in your yard or garage.”

A complete list of what residents can bring that day will be available on the DPW’s website (https://www.bedfordma.gov/department-of-public-works).

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