BHS Awards Night Part 2: Class of 2016

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Bedford Schools LogoThursday’s Bedford High School’s Awards Night recognized academic achievements for the Class of 2016.

Massachusetts Superintendent’s Academic Award – Dr. Henry Turner, Principal

The recipient of this award is a student who demonstrates outstanding all-around academic achievement.

Superintendent’s Awards presented to

  • Christopher En
  • Alexander Mascoli

 Hall of Fame Awards: The Hall of Fame Awards is presented to Seniors with a (Simple) GPA of 90 or above for their academic career.

Hall of Fame Awards presented to Benjamin Arnold, Rachel Arnold, Michael Barkan, Ingrid Bidwell, Sydney Bidwell, Benjamin Biswas, Christopher Bowers, Haroon Bukhari, Christopher En, Nili Ezekiel, Joshua Fournier, Gwen Gardner, Jaqueline Hale, Cassandra Harbour, Abigail Hartwell, Jake Hernandez, Avery Kaplan, Rebecca Kelly-Bowditch, Morgan Kitchen, Matthew Knoedler, Michelle Kupershmidt, Andrew Latady, Carrie Li, Thomas Linden, Tyler Lussier, Matthew Maschio, Alexander Mascoli, Sara Milano, Wesley Nugent, Andrew Rhodes, Emily Roth, Joshua Rubin, Erin Venuti, Laura Wei, Justin Yannix, Allen Zhou, and  Lilia Zhu.

AEROSPACE SCIENCE – Gary Maki, Program Director

Aerospace Science Honor Award: The recipient of this award has attained academic and military excellence as well as demonstrated positive personal attributes. This student has not only been an active supporter of all JROTC extracurricular activities this school year, but has also maintained the highest academic average in his or her class and is someone we are very proud to have in our program.

Aerospace Science Plaque presented to

  • Gareth May

ART – Sean Hagan, Program Director

Art Department Honor Award: The Art Department is pleased to recognize an outstanding senior art student for consistently demonstrating excellence in the technical development and the expression of exemplary aesthetic values in the creation of original visual artwork.

Art Plaque presented to

  • Kendall Hiltz

Dedication & Commitment Award: The recipient of this award is a senior art student who has exhibited exemplary qualities in performance and behavior through a strong work ethic, mature attitude and love for the practice of creating visual artwork.

Dedication & Commitment to Art Award presented to

  • Lane Fields

ENGLISH – Elizabeth Marcotte, Program Administrator

English Honor Award: Each year, the English Department recognizes an outstanding senior who has demonstrated academic excellence, curiosity, and a love of literature. This student has proven to be a reflective, critical, and creative writer and thinker through all four years of high school.

English Plaque presented to

  • Jake Hernandez

Dedication and Commitment Award: This award is given to one student in each grade who best exemplifies curiosity, insight, resilience, and commitment to the study of English literature and language.

Dedication & Commitment to English Award presented to

  • Nili Ezekiel

Creative Writing: The English Department is pleased to recognize a senior who has demonstrated exceptional craftsmanship in creative writing, both in coursework and in contributions to Stylus, the school’s literary magazine.

Creative Writing Award presented to

  • Erin Venuti

Journalism: The English Department is pleased to recognize a senior who has shown exceptional leadership, skill, and initiative in the development and publication of The Lookout, our high school newspaper.

Journalism Award presented to

  • Justin Yannix

FOREIGN LANGUAGE – Dana Curran, Program Director

Foreign Language Honor Award: The recipient of this award has achieved the most advanced levels of proficiency in speaking, reading, writing and understanding one or more foreign languages. The department also considers the student’s passion for the study of foreign languages, appreciation of other cultures and commitment to using the target language.

Foreign Language Plaque – Spanish – presented to

  • Nili Ezekiel

Foreign Language Plaque – French – presented to

  • Jake Hernandez

Foreign Language Plaque – Latin – presented to

  • Gwen Gardner

Foreign Language Plaque – Overall – presented to

  • Sabine Galvis

Dedication & Commitment Award: The recipient of this award demonstrates exceptional initiative, enthusiasm, improvement, service, citizenship and passion for the language.

Dedication & Commitment to Foreign Language Award presented to

  • Avery Kaplan

MATHEMATICS – Patrick Morrissey, Program Administrator

Mathematics Honor Award: The recipient has proficiencies in adaptive reasoning, strategic competence, conceptual understanding and procedural fluency.  They have a habitual inclination to see math as sensible, useful, and worthwhile.

Mathematics Plaque presented to

  • Matthew Peroni

Mathematics Dedication and Commitment: The recipient best exemplifies a strong work ethic, positive attitude, determination, and willingness to help others.

Dedication & Commitment to Mathematics Award presented to

  • Morgan Kitchen

Business Education Honor Award: The recipient of this award best typifies excellence and/or improvement in her academic endeavors based upon the following criteria:  self-discipline, growth, perceptiveness, awareness, breadth of knowledge, and imagination.

Business Education Plaque presented to

  • Michelle Kupershmidt

MUSIC & THEATER ARTS – Nicole O’Toole, Program Director

Music & Theater Arts Honor Award: The recipient of this award demonstrates excellence not only in music or theater performance but also in their participation during class and extra-curricular department activities.

Music & Theater Arts Plaque presented to

  • Filippo Tazzi

PHYSICAL EDUCATION, HEALTH & FAMCO – Keith Mangan, Program Director

Health and Physical Education Honor Award: The recipient of this award is recognized for their commitment to wellness. They have demonstrated this commitment through enthusiastic participation, leadership and cooperation in the gymnasium, classroom or on the dance floor.

Health & Physical Education Plaque presented to

  • Stephanie Heath

Family and Consumer Science Honor Award: The recipient of this award best exemplifies the qualities of initiative, self-motivation, performance, cooperation, attitude, and responsibility.

Family & Consumer Science Dept. Plaque presented to

  • Rebecca Kelly Bowditch

Dedication and Commitment Award: This award is being given to the senior that has shown the most improvement in effort, enthusiasm, initiative, and competence over the past three years in our Family and Consumer Sciences courses.

Dedication & Commitment to Family & Consumer Science Award

  • Emily Ricci

SCIENCE – Michael Griffin, Program Administrator

Science Honor Award: The Recipient exemplifies the spirit and curiosity of science, demonstrates a firm understanding of science, a willingness to help others, and involvement in science that goes beyond the school day. They have maintained high academic rigor and excellence in the science courses chosen.

Science Department Plaque presented to

  • Christopher En

Dedication and Commitment Award: This Award is presented to students who in the opinion of their teachers maximize their own potential and the potential of others through their interest, curiosity, effort, and skills in science.

Dedication & Commitment to Science Awards presented to

  • Ingrid Bidwell
  • Sydney Bidwell
  • Gabrielle Bosco

Computer Science Award: The Computer Science award is given to a graduating senior who has taken advantage of courses and competitions, and has achieved excellence programming and supporting the computer science program.

Computer Science Plaque presented to

  • Thomas Linden

Technical Education Honor Award: The Technology Education Department Award is presented to the outstanding senior who best exemplifies the qualities of: initiative, self-motivation, performance, cooperation, workmanship, attitude, and responsibility.

Technology Education Plaque presented to

  • Christopher Bowers

Drafting Award: The recipient best exemplifies the qualities of: initiative, self-motivation, performance, cooperation workmanship, attitude and responsibility

Technical Education Award – Drafting presented to

  • Benjamin Arnold

Society of Women Engineers: The recipient of this award is given highest honors for her dedication to Science, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Society of Women Engineers Awards presented to

  • Laura Wei
  • Delani Meyer

Robotics Award: The recipient has dedicated four years to promoting and demonstrating professional graciousness through their work in FIRST Robotics.

Robotics Award presented to

  • Berkay Balamaz

Environmental Award: The recipient promoted recycling and sustainability in the community and is dedicated to improving the environment.. The award is sponsored by Republic Services through the Department of Public Works and comes with a $1400 scholarship.

Environmental Awards presented to

  • Trenton Sanders
  • Avery Kaplan

Science Team Award: This award is presented to a member of the science team who has dedicated their efforts to support, promote, and provide leadership to the team over their high school career.

Science Team Awards presented to

  • Christopher En
  • Haroon Bukhari

NEST/MIT Book Award: The NEST is an international organization of science, mathematics, and technology teachers who are supported by the Council on Primary and Secondary Education at MIT.  The recipient of this award has shown interest in and a commitment to science beyond the classroom. They are recognized for what they have accomplished and their future potential.

NEST/MIT Book Award presented to

  • Haroon Bukhari


SOCIAL STUDIES – Christine Butler, Program Administrator

Social Studies Honor Award: The recipient of this award demonstrates initiative and academic excellence in the most rigorous course(s) in the department.  The recipient’s contributions to class discussions enrich his or her classmates’ learning as well.

Social Studies Plaque presented to

  • Nili Ezekiel

Dedication & Commitment Award: The recipient of this award demonstrates initiative and intellectual growth.  The quality of work demonstrates the recipient’s passion for and commitment to growing as a learner in the subject of Social Studies.  The recipient’s contributions to class discussions enrich his or her classmates’ learning as well.

Dedication & Commitment to Social Studies Award presented to

  • Jack Tomsicek

Daughters of the American Revolution History Scholar Award: The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), founded in 1890 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a non-profit, non-political volunteer women’s service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing America’s future through better education for children. This award is presented by the Old Concord Chapter of the DAR to an outstanding American history student at Bedford High School.

DAR History Scholar Book Award presented to

  • Haroon Bukhari

Louise S. Davis Award: Louise S. Davis started teaching at the middle school in 1953, then came to the high school in 1959.  In 1963, she became Chairperson of the Social Studies Department and retired in 1973.  This award is presented to a student who is a contributing school citizen, and one who exemplifies the qualities of outstanding leadership and character during his or her years at Bedford High School.

Louise S. Davis Award presented to

  • Alyssia Smith

SENIOR ATHLETIC AWARDS – Keith Mangan, Athletic Director

Senior Athletic Awards are sponsored by the Bedford Athletic Association

DCL Sportsmanship Award – This award is given to athletes from each DCL School who best represents the characteristics and qualities of Sportsmanship.

DCL Sportsmanship Awards presented to

  • Nathaniel Presti
  • Bridget Towle

Buccaneer Award: This award is given to one male and one female athlete who have both participated in athletics throughout high school and have encouraged and supported their teammates and put the team ahead of themselves.

Buccaneer Awards presented to

  • Tyler Billouin
  • Kendall Hilitz

Ned Spellman Memorial Award: This award is given annually to the outstanding Male and Female athletes in memory of Ned Spellman, who was a dedicated supporter of Bedford High School Athletics

Ned Spellman Memorial Awards presented to

  • Matthew Timperio
  • Nicole MacLellan

Buc Club: This award is given to athletes who have displayed the highest level of ability, participation and commitment in athletics throughout high school.

The Buc Club Awards presented to

  • Michael Barkan
  • Sabine Galvis
  • Nicole MacLellan
  • Mathew Timperio

Jay R. Porter Memorial Award: This award is given in memory of Jay F. Porter. Jay Porter, as a member of the Class of 1970, was a recipient of both the Bedford High School Most Outstanding Student Athlete and the Bedford Lions Club Outstanding Athlete Award.  This award is given to a student who best exemplifies the interests and desires that Jay had in distinguishing himself through various athletic and scholastic achievements.

Jay G. Porter Memorial Award presented to

  • Michael Barkan

The Helen Gfroerer Scholar Athlete Award: This award is given annually to a member of the senior class who has distinguished her and/or herself in academics and athletics.  The award is given in honor of Ms. G for her many years of dedicated service as a teacher and coach at Bedford High School.

The Helen Gfroerer Scholar Athlete Award presented to

  • Sabine Galvis

SENIOR SPECIAL HONOR AWARDS – Presenters: Kate Boynton, Christine Larimore, Lisa Morrison, and Lael Piehl

NHS Service Award: This service award is given to the member of the National Honor Society who best exemplifies the four qualities demonstrated by its members: scholarship, leadership, character, and service.  (Piehl)

NHS Service Plaque presented to

  • Lilia Zhu

Kevin Connolly Award: The Kevin Connolly Award is given to a student who has inspired others by their perseverance and kindness to others. (Morrison)

Kevin Connelly Award presented to

  • Jake Grymes

Martha Hoo Award: The Martha Hoo Award is given in honor of Martha Hoo’s 18 years of service as a member of the Bedford School Committee to a senior who exemplifies Mrs. Hoo’s respect for cultural diversity, love of learning, and constructive leadership. (Larimore)

Martha Hoo Award

  • Emily Ricci

Karen Frank Award: Generosity of Spirit: The Karen Frank award is given this year in honor of Ms. Karen Frank whose work at Bedford High School has touched the hearts of innumerable students. She is known for her generosity of spirit and her belief in the goodness and dignity of all students.  (Larimore)

Karen Frank Award: Generosity of Spirit presented to

  • Robert Ackerman

Paula Verrier Award: Paula Verrier served the Bedford Public Schools for 36 years as a teacher, coach, and class advisor.  The Paula Verrier Award is presented to a student who inspiringly exemplifies the commitment to learning, school spirit and service that Ms. Verrier demonstrated throughout her career. (Boynton)

Paula Verrier Award presented to

  • Rodney Payton

Jake and Maureen Sullivan Award: Jake Sullivan and Maureen Sullivan taught in the Social Studies and English Departments, respectively.  Together, they share 59 years of inspiring Bedford High School students to ask questions, think deeply and appreciate the rich diversity and compelling commonality of the human experience.  This award is presented to a student who has exceptional global insight and a strong interest in human rights. (Boynton)

Jake & Maureen Sullivan Award presented to

  • Avery Kaplan

Ann Milligan Memorial Award: Ann Milligan served as a secretary in the main office of Bedford High School.  In the 2011 yearbook dedication, Superintendent Sills stated, “She knew virtually every student’s name, and their knowing that she knew made their interaction with the office especially personal.”  He describes her as “a woman of immeasurable honesty, caring and integrity.”  This award is given to a student whose indomitable spirit, kindness and service to Bedford High School exemplify Mrs. Milligan’s many strengths. (Larimore)

Ann Milligan Memorial Award presented to

  • Jack Tomsicek


Editor’s Note: The Bedford Citizen thanks the Bedford School Department, especially Superintendent Sills, Principal Turner and Brenda Sweetland for sharing the information in this story

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