Wedgewood Swim Team Claims First Win of the Season and Divers Compete in Chelmsford

Melissa Driscoll, first place in butterfly" PHOTO CREDIT: John Harris
Melissa Driscoll, first place in butterfly – Image (c) John Harris, 2016 all rights reserved – Click to view full size image

Submitted by the Wedgewood Swim Club

The sun was shining on Saturday, July 23rd but it was the Wedgewood swim team that brought the heat, winning their first meet of the season against the Swim Pro Aquatics Gators 360 – 321.

Caroline Towle, first place in the medley relay – Image (c) John Harris, 2016 all rights reserved

Swimmers that took First Place in their events were: Liliana Carman (medley relay, freestyle, backstroke), Isabella Seldon (medley relay, butterfly), Caroline Towle (medley relay), Julia Palazzo (medley relay, butterfly, freestyle), Zachary Wirth (medley relay), Riley Stevens (medley relay), Jeffrey Dillon (medley relay), Jack MacPhee (medley relay, individual medley, breaststroke), Brielle Carman (backstroke), Sanders Bertos (backstroke), Katie Dillon (individual medley, freestyle, freestyle relay), Zachary Wirth (individual medley), Kelly Warhover (individual medley, freestyle, freestyle relay), Lily Nemirovsky (individual medley, backstroke, freestyle relay), Willow McGinness (freestyle), Dylan Kenahan (freestyle), McKenna Wilson (butterfly, freestyle, freestyle relay), Logan McGinness (butterfly, breaststroke), Melissa Driscoll (butterfly), Sarah Wirth (breaststroke), Sophia Seldon (breaststroke), Ashley Fallon (breaststroke), Charlotte Weber (backstroke) and Kara Shelmire (freestyle, backstroke).

Sanders Bertos took first place for boys 6 and under, swimming the backstroke – Image (c) John Harris, 2016 all rights reserved

Swimmers who contributed points and locked in the win were: Willow McGinness (backstroke), Grace Venuti (backstroke, freestyle), Adam Silver (backstroke, freestyle), Grace Weisz (individual medley, breaststroke), Katherine Vaughan (individual medley, breaststroke, freestyle relay), Alexandra Zorn (individual medley, butterfly), George Rackey (individual medley, breaststroke), Sophia Seldon (individual medley), Nicole Hebert (individual medley, freestyle), Melissa Driscoll (individual medley, freestyle), Brielle Carman (freestyle), Sanders Bertos (freestyle), Liliana Carman (butterfly), Taelor Nichols (butterfly, backstroke, freestyle relay), Rylan Nichols (butterfly, freestyle), Devin Leida (butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke), Sofie Huntington (butterfly, backstroke), Caroline Towle (butterfly, breaststroke), Jeffrey Dillon (butterfly, freestyle), Kate Patterson (breaststroke, backstroke), Delaney Bertos (breaststroke, yard freestyle, freestyle relay), Owen Brough (breaststroke, freestyle), Zachary Wirth (breaststroke), Isabella Seldon (breaststroke), Sam Huntington (breaststroke, freestyle), Teresa Silver (freestyle), Ani Eskandarian (freestyle, backstroke), Sebastian Woolnough (freestyle), Alex Brough (freestyle), Charlotte Weber (freestyle), Sarah Wirth (freestyle), Timothy Dillon (freestyle, backstroke), Haley Busch (backstroke), Isabelle Wilson (backstroke, freestyle relay), Riley Stevens (backstroke) and Ashley Fallon (backstroke).

Dylan Kenehan, preparing to swim freestyle for boys 6 and under – Image (c) John Harris, 2016 all rights reserved


Kara Shelmire (first place in freestyle and backstroke) catches 6-year-old Sanders Bertos at the finish line of his event – Image (c) John Harris, 2016 all rights reserved

Coming Events: Swimming

On Wednesday, July 27th, Wedgewood will host the Colonial Classics before heading to Wayland for a dual meet on Saturday, July 30th.

League Dive Meet at Chelmsford Swim & Tennis Club ~ July 25

The Wedgewood Dive team headed to the Chelmsford Swim & Tennis Club for the July 25th league dive meet.

A great performance for all especially for the girls 12 and under. Isabella Seldon took first with a 104.1, Alexandra Zorn placed second with a 96.6, Isabelle Wilson was 3rd and Audrey Leida placed 4th with an 88.2

Bella Stuztnski placed first the girls 14 and under, Caitlin Pequeno placed third.

The younger team members were determined and had a great showing

10 and under boys

  • Rylan Nichols placed 16th

10 and under girls

  • Sophia Demeo placed 6th
  • Taelor Nichols placed 15th
  • McKenna Wilson placed 12th

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