Bedford Water Use and Conservation

Submitted by the Bedford Department of Public Works

Town of Bedford New SealThe Department of Public Works (DPW) has received a number of calls from residents, businesses, and commuters about outdoor watering in the Town in light of the drought warning for the region issued by the Department of Environmental Protection.  Bedford has no restrictions on water usage and does not anticipate any in the foreseeable future.

Bedford receives its water primarily from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) with local wells as additional sources.  Currently, the Town is only using MWRA water.  MWRA water sources are the Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoirs, which as of the beginning of August were at approximately 87% and 91%, respectively, of capacity.  According to the MWRA’s drought management plan this puts them at their normal operations status.

The MWRA has not imposed any restrictions on water use on its member communities.  Its normal operations status is based on a six month projection of possible hydrologic conditions.  In order to reach a drought warning status reservoir levels would need to fall to 65% of capacity.  Therefore we do not anticipate any restrictions from the MWRA in the foreseeable future.

Bedford in turn has imposed no restrictions on water use.  Although no restriction from MWRA is anticipated, the Town encourages residents and businesses to use the available water in an environmentally conscious manner to preserve our natural resources.  It encourages water customers to understand where their water comes from and how it is being used.

In summary, Bedford is currently only using MWRA water and their supply from central MA is very good, so no restrictions have been imposed on our water use.

Editor’s Note: Bedford’s trees are an important resource for the town. Read about keeping those near you properly hydrated –

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