A letter to the Editor from Kara Cournoyer

Letter-to-the-EditorThe last time I submitted a letter to the editor was in a moment of need, as my neighbors and I sought help stopping a Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) plan to locate a large salt shed and highway maintenance depot immediately adjacent to our neighborhood.

The Bedford Citizen did a wonderful job covering the issue at that time, so I won’t recount it other than to point out that the hero of the story was State Representative Ken Gordon.

Ken was immediately responsive to our concerns and went right to work on identifying alternatives that would protect the interests of his constituents while also addressing the needs of the state agency responsible for keeping our roads safe.

There was no lip service or false empathy.  Ken simply rolled up his sleeves and began working on a solution, halting a project that seemed inevitable and seeking the best possible outcome for all parties. That is the definition of a good state representative, someone we send to Beacon Hill to represent our interests and liaise with our state government for the  benefit of constituents first and, when possible, for the benefit of all.

Ken’s accomplishments during his time in office have been many and warrant a return trip to the State House regardless, but when an elected official demonstrates a willingness to go to bat like Ken did for me and my neighbors, you don’t take any chances.

I encourage you to vote for Ken Gordon on November 8.

Kara Cournoyer

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