Play Me, I’m Yours: Sarah Iwany’s Piano at Kendall Square

Sarah Iwany at her piano in Kendall Square - Courtesy image (c) 2016
Sarah Iwany seated at her piano, out in the world or “in the wild” as she joked – Courtesy image (c) 2016

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Sarah Iwany spent much of the spring planning, and a good part of the summer painting,her “Play Me I’m Yours” piano for the Boston Celebrity Series’ 2016 installation of street pianos in Boston and Cambridge.”Play Me, I’m Yours” is an ongoing, international, multi-artist work conceived by British artist Luke Jerram.

Sarah’s piano landed on Kendall Plaza, Main Street in Kendall Square, where it was the subject of multiple Instagram photographs and Tweets. Sarah and her family (from Bedford!) visited the piano twice during the installation.

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“The first time, [the piano] was all wrapped up in plastic to protect it from rain, but the second time it was open and being played. I met a few people playing it and they said they really enjoyed the project,” Iwany reported.”One kid had been playing the piano consistently across several days. I met two children who said another one of the artists was their music school teacher and they were trying to go see as many pianos as possible.”

Pianos that survive the weather and random pianists are donated to local community centers, but sadly Iwany’s may not be donated. She does get to keep the piano bench as a souvenir and adds, “Should Street Pianos return to Boston again I would be delighted to paint a piano again!”

To read The Bedford Citizen’s story introducing Sarah and her piano project, click

Postscript: Billerica artist Ben Knight (you met him at First Church’s 2016 Strawberry Festival) played one of the street pianos in the Greenway’s Dewey Square Park. We thank Liz LaManche for this YouTube Video.


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