Letter to the Editor, November 10, 2016: To My Constituents in Bedford

By Representative Kenneth Gordon
21st Middlesex District

Letter-to-the-EditorThank you for the overwhelming and humbling support in reelecting me for a third term as your State Representative. I will not forget the faith you have shown it me.  It motivates me to continue to advocate for our town and its residents.

Whether you voted for me because of my work on the Hanscom school funding law, the way we addressed the homeless at the local hotel, the way we prevented a Salt Shed from being constructed near a residential neighborhood, or my availability I thank you.

For four years, I have worked hard for  the entire district, not favoring the interest of one town over another.  And while the fact that I live in Bedford gives it no advantage over my attention to Burlington or Wilmington’s Precinct 3, it also remains a crucial part of the district.  As issues arise during my term, please know that I am there for you and do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you to all of our volunteers.  Many of you having been with me for more than four years now.  For all the calls you made; for the doors you knocked; for the donations you made; and for your encouragement, I thank you very much.  I am humbled at how often your help was offered, before we ever asked.

To my wife Breena and our son Brandon, thank you for your support. You did not complain when I was absent at the dinner table, or on nights or weekends. You contributed your time and talents to the campaign, and provided stability and advice. I love you both.

I am glad we ran a positive campaign, and stuck to our core values. I asked you to vote for me because of what we had accomplished, and because I am prepared to advocate for this district in the coming session.  I did not ask you’re your vote simply because I was better than someone else.

To those of you who supported my opponent, I will continue to listen to you and work hard to help make your lives better. I applaud my opponent who became involved.  If you posted a sign on your property this last month, I will respond to your concerns, no matter whose name was on that sign. This does not mean we will always agree, but it does mean I will always listen and take your point of view into account.

There is still work to do.  I return to the legislature to stand up for working families and small businesses. Thank you for your support so we can continue this important work.

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