South End Gallery Owner Arlette Kayafas: On Curating Photographic Images for Collection and Exhibition

Gallery Kayafas, Best Art Gallery in Boston 2015, Image (c) Boston Magazine, 2015 all rights reserved - Click to enlarge image
Gallery Kayafas, Best Art Gallery in Boston 2015, Image (c) Boston Magazine, 2015 all rights reserved – Click to enlarge image

Submitted by the BCA Photo Group

Arlette Kayafas of Gallery Kayafas in Boston ( will be the guest speaker at the November 29 meeting of the BCA Photo Group. She will discuss “Curating Images for Collection and Exhibition”. The meeting will be at the First Parish Church in Bedford, MA, and starts at 7 pm. Guests are welcome and admission is free.

Arlette, along with her husband Gus, will provide an in-depth analysis of eleven significant pieces from their personal collection focusing on why these works are important to her and how they entered their collection. There will be ample time for discussion about her curation process, how she views the art photography world today and related topics of interest to the group.

Arlette and Gus are well known influencers in the Boston art photography world starting their collection 48 years ago.  The collection includes works spanning the history of photography from the 19th to the 21st centuries beginning with the daguerreotype up to and including the most contemporary works of today.

Arlette opened Gallery Kayafas in 2002 in Boston’s South End and is a member of the Boston Art Dealers Association.  In both 2013 and 2015 Boston Magazine selected Gallery Kayafas as the Best Art Gallery in Boston.; and the gallery was selected as Boston’s Best, 2016, by The Improper Bostonian.

She believes that she has a responsibility to the artist, the client, the neighborhood, and her colleagues to exhibit only the best works.  The gallery often shows more than one artist at a time with very careful attention paid to how the various works relate.  The visual conversation between artists is important.  When asked how she chooses her artists and exhibits, she explains that she only shows work that she would own.

A November 1st Boston Globe article on artist Steve Locke’s current show at Gallery Kayafas gives insight into the role that the gallery plays in raising community consciousness

Arlette and Gus are both overseers at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, MA.  Gus is the founder of Palm Press, a photographic atelier located in Chelsea, MA.   Together they continue to collect.

About the BCA Photo Group

Under the sponsorship of the Bedford Center for the Arts, we are a group of individuals who enjoy learning about the artistic and technical aspects of photography to help us improve the quality of our work and to become more productive.  We emphasize education and image sharing rather than competition and welcome all levels of expertise.  Please consider attending one of our upcoming meetings; guests are welcome.

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