Letter to the Editor, December 1, 2016: A Clarification from Bedford’s Arbor Resources Committee

By Jaci Edwards, Chairman, Bedford Arbor Resources Committee

Letter-to-the-EditorThe Bedford Citizen is among this news junkie’s favorite news media.  Its reporting is characteristically spot-on, however, there was one discrepancy – it’s in the first line—in the reporting of a complicated and detailed discussion about the DPW budget for arbor resources that took place in the Selectmen’s meeting of November 21.

The Clarification:

Every year the town plants trees as part of celebrations, memorials and town projects.  Newly-planted trees need a healthy watering for the first two to three growing seasons if they are to thrive. The town does not have financial resources allocated to pay for watering the trees they plant. With the current drought, most struggle or die.

The exception is the five to ten trees purchased and planted by the town as part of the public-private partnership, the (almost) Free Tree Project. These trees get watered by the homeowners where they are planted. Their prospect for survival is good.

The other trees planted by the town, generally a fairly small number but more than five to ten, that are planted as part of celebrations, memorials and other town projects, like the new section of the Shawsheen Cemetery, are the ones that do not get watered after planting. These are the trees BARC requested the Selectmen create a watering budget for on November 21.

Thank you,

Jaci Edwards, for BARC

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