Basic Gardening Tips for February

Submitted by the Bedford Garden Club

The Bedford Citizen thanks the Bedford Garden Club for sharing their monthly gardening tips:

  • Open those garden catalogs, plan your spring gardens, then inventory and order your seeds.
  • Check on any stored plant roots or corms such as dahlias, tuberous begonias, cannas, or gladiolas, for shriveling or decay. Discard any that are damaged.
  • Bring geraniums out of storage; cut them back by half, plant them in a pot, water well, and set them in a bright, cool window.
  • Clean and sharpen your gardening tools.
  • Feed the birds.
  • Repot houseplants if they are root bound.
  • Fertilize houseplants when new growth starts.
  • Prune storm-damaged branches promptly from trees and shrubs to prevent tearing the bark and other damage.
  • Buy some more indoor plants to help clean the air in your home.


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