Letter to the Editor: January 6, 2017: Bedford Santa Thanks Its Many Volunteers.

Submitted by Lorraine Griecci, Bobbie Ennis, Linda Plumley & David Dalrymple for Bedford’s Community Santa Claus Project

The 2016 Bedford Community Santa Claus Project concluded its 71st yearly run delivering 1646 gifts to 433 households in Bedford on Christmas Eve 2016. It takes many volunteers to make a successful event and we had many dedicated and talented volunteers that supported the 31 teams that covered the town this year.

Volunteers for this year include:

Karen Ahearn, Claire Anderson, Katie Andon, Elizabeth, Greg & Victoria Barry, Annie, Brian, Lauren & Tom Bartkus, Frank & Lauri Baudanza, Kathleen Benjamin, Sabrina Bolly, Paul Bradfield, Terri Bradford, Wayne Braverman, Larry & Kay Brown, Pam Bruno, Mark Buccolo, Sara Buttrick, Jody Carson, Bill, Karen, & CJ Carter, Allan Coady, Ann-Marie Sweeney Copland, Ian Copland, David, Jennifer, Amy, Scott, Chesapeake & Stephen Dalrymple, Mike Dirrane, Patrick Dolbier, Bobbie Ennis, Rita Fardy,  Jane Franklin, Ron Franklin, Brittany Frazier, Susan Frazier, Lisa Freed, Claude French Jr, Claude French III, Christopher French, Ken Gordon, Dennis Griecci, Lorraine Griecci, Ben, Thomas & Zack Grunes, Ryan Isnor, Sean Isnor, David, JoLynne & Mandy Johnson, Ken & Caroline Larson, Debbie Leeman, Chris & Kim Lennon, Bob Lundberg, Kristen Marcus, Cathy McCune, Kristen, Daniel & Ian McDermott, Lucy McGovern, Linda McGrath, Jim McMahan, Jimmy McMahan III, Matt McMahan, Ethan Miller, Bill Moonan, Ruth Munden, Brendan O’Brien, Ron, Lori Ann, Emmet & Adam O’Brien, Emily O’Hara, Derek O’Rourke, Marge Parker, Jim, Anita and Will Paton, Christine Pinney, Jackie Pinney, Linda, Kurt & Sam Plumley, Ginger Powderly, Paul, Barbara & Elyse Purchia, Peter, Beccy, Joleen & Quinn Ricci, JoAnne, Lucy & Isabella Santiago, Kathy Schnitger, Caroline Sepe, Grace Sepe, Julia Sepe, Paolo & Susan Sepe, Jennie Segal, Katie Segal, Richard & Tom Spaulding, Dave Staknis, Kathy Stanick, Jennifer Stewart, Danny Sullivan, Martha Sullivan, Matt Sullivan, Maureen Sullivan, Paul Sullivan, Richard Sullivan, Regina Sullivan, Beth Taylor, John, David & Michael Thorsen, Caroline, Joe & Joyce Towle, Anthony Tomao, Ethel Waite, Kim, Nathan and Rory Walters, Andy Webber, Joyce Weinfurt, Gerry Welch, Bob, Linda & JR White, Amanda Wiley, Evan Wong.

We apologize for any volunteers that were inadvertently missed or where the name is misspelled.

Special thanks to Frank & Laurie Baudanza, Amy Dalrymple and Linda Plumley for their extra help on Gift Sort Day helping sort for teams that were unable to make it. Our appreciation to the Comley/Washer family for storing all the materials needed for the program and being very accommodating to our needs. Thank you to Brad & John Geilfuss of Cambridge Reprographics for printing our registration card, Jan Vansteenwijk for editing our registration card, Jennifer Stewart for web site design and maintenance, Jim & Anita Paton for database entry and maintenance, Bedford Cleaners for cleaning and storing the suits, Salon Terrasi for Wigs and Beards, Dunkin Donuts for breakfast items and Steve’s Pizza for providing pizzas for the volunteers. We also wish to thank the School Department and Town for the use of the Middle School and its excellent custodial staff, David French & Brian Sheehan.



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