Winter Storm Watch for Saturday Afternoon and Evening

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency winter storm watch map as drawn on Friday morning, January 6 – Courtesy image (c) 2017 all rights reserved

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

While the approaching snow storm is expected to be more severe in other parts of Massachusetts, the forecast projects 6+ inches of accumulation in Bedford on Saturday afternoon and evening.

Rachel Murphy reminds us that winter can be an isolating time for some residents:

When porches, steps and walkways are iced over, they become treacherous to try to maneuver.


All of us have walked precariously on ice before and it is frightening. Some of us have fallen. Some survive with a few sore spots and bruises. Others go to the hospital with broken bones.


The younger you are, the quicker you heal, but as age creeps upon us, the bones heal very slowly. Therefore, it is safer to stay inside, alone, waiting until the warmth of the sun melts the ice and we can venture outside, run errands and call for those belated appointments. Hopefully, there is an opening at the doctor’s office.


Could Bedford form an “Ice Brigade,” like a “Fire Brigade?” Instead of putting out a fire, the “Ice Brigade” could shovel, snow blow, apply some type of ice melt and sand for isolated residents? Maybe, the person could pay for the ice melt and/or sand or the “Ice Brigade” could tally their efforts as Community Service.


Hello, Bedford churches, schools, and organizations racking your brains for good deeds; this one might put one more star in your crown. Check your membership list for the names neighbors whom you rarely see or do not see at all once there is ice or snow.


If we live long enough, we will reach that precarious and fearful age of ice and snow. It is said that “Life is a circle. What goes around, comes around.” Well, maybe when you reach that life circle, someone will shovel for you and put down snow melt and sand. Let us find a way to remove the isolation and restrictions for those in need. And, thank you if you can provide this New Year’s blessing to someone this year

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