Letter to the Editor, February 10, 2017: Plowing at the Bedford Marketplace

Submitted by David Cerundolo

Just an observation on February 10, 2017:  The snowplowing job at the Bedford shopping plaza is TERRIBLE.  Inches of snow remain in the middle of travel lanes in front of Whole Foods (as of noon on Friday), making progress slow and dangerous.  Ski slopes have less snow on them right now.

In the parking lot beside the Post Office trailer, many spaces are simply plowed in, taking away far more parking than necessary, and BLOCKING THE EXIT LANE from that area.  Motorists must exit the Post Office area by traveling through the “Do Not Enter” sign, again creating dangerous conditions.

The snow could have been plowed much better than this.  The management of the shopping center should immediately fire the contractor who is presumably actually getting paid for this disgraceful negligence.

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