Letter to the Editor, February 27, 2017: Opposing the Construction of New Gas Pipelines in Massachusetts

By Sue Swanson
On behalf of Mothers Out Front, Bedford

A grassroots organization of mothers and caregivers who have come together to fight the causes of climate change, Mothers Out Front Bedford has been active in raising public awareness of and concern for the dangers of methane gas leaks in pipelines serving our town.   Bedford’s Public Works Engineer Adrienne St. John is working with National Grid to coordinate repairs of these leaks.

Now we need to address a related issue, namely the construction of new gas pipelines in Massachusetts.

A new study recently released by Synapse Energy Economics shows that current laws restricting future use of fossil fuels will make additional natural gas pipelines obsolete. Furthermore, the cost of these pipelines to New England consumers would probably be twice the amount previously claimed. Natural gas is a potent greenhouse gas and a threat to the health of our communities.

While proposed pipelines may not be routed through our town, as citizens of Massachusetts, we may be liable to pay for these new gas pipelines which pose serious threats to our climate and health and which we don’t even need!

For all of these reasons, Mothers Out Front Bedford, calls on Governor Baker to change his pro-pipeline policies and views. Mr. Governor, we don’t need new pipelines and we don’t want to pay for them!

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