Election ~ 2017: Letter to the Editor, Sarita Pillai for Library Trustee

By Jennifer Malenchini

I am writing in support of Sarita Pillai who is running to serve as Library Trustee.  I have known Sarita for four years, since she moved to Bedford with her family and her children began attending my children’s pre-school. Our children have several common friends and we also share several family friends with the Pillais.  

 I also know Sarita to be an intelligent, organized and high-capacity person who would make an excellent Trustee.  As an individual who works in education and the daughter of a woman who spent her career working in and improving the overall function of the library in my own home town, I know the important role that libraries play in contributing to a high quality public education and the worth of a town. I believe that Sarita’s extensive experience with technology and her role as a leader at an education research and development non-profit, will be great assets to our library as it plans its programming to meet the needs of Bedford residents.  I know that she will thoughtfully share her informed opinions on the wide range of issues the library must grapple with on an on-going basis, while always being open to the ideas and perspectives of others.

 Finally, Sarita is a warm and caring individual who understands the true meaning of the words community and commitment.  She exemplifies this daily to those around her.  She is someone who is ever willing to lend a hand. As an example, Sarita and her husband volunteered to rearrange their own workdays on an occasion when one of my children was temporarily unable to ride the bus due to an injury and I needed help picking her up while my husband was travelling. Without being asked and without a second thought, they heard my need and stepped up to offer assistance.  Sarita does not hesitate to give of her time, whether it be in her children’s classrooms, her church, for her friends or the Bedford community at large.

 I commend Sarita for being willing to take on this important role despite her many other commitments. It is a clear example of her commitment to Bedford and her strong desire to make a real contribution to her community. I have no doubt that she will serve us all extremely well as Library Trustee.  Please join me in voting for Sarita Pillai on March 11!

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