Annual Town Meeting ~ 2017: Memorial Resolution

Submitted by the Bedford Town Manager’s Office

Whereas since the Annual Town Meeting of 2016, employees, officers and committee members of the Town have passed away, having performed their duties faithfully, dedicating their time and skills to benefit the residents of Bedford, and

Whereas we gratefully recognize their public service to Bedford’s citizens,

Now, therefore be it resolved that we, the people of Bedford, assembled here in Annual Town Meeting on March 27, 2017, mourn their passing and extend sincere sympathy to the families of:

Gismonde Silvestrone

  • Fence Viewer 1968-1973

Thomas O. Speidel

  • Water Study Committee 1969-1972

Doris Nickerson

  • Fence Viewer 1992

Robert E. Barrett

  • Special Police Officer

Lynne Mironer

  • Cable TV Control 1985-1995

Keith L. Phinney

  • Director of Music 1953-1988

John McCulloch

  • Ad Hoc Central Artery Land Fill Task Force 1991, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Committee 1992-1993, Selectmen 1987-1994, Capital Expenditure Committee 1989-1992, 2002-2003, Data Processing Review Committee 1985-1988, Finance Committee 1980-1985, 1995-2005, Fiscal Planning and Coordinating Committee 2002-2003

Lois Schuster

  • Librarian 1973-1989, Arts Council 1991-1994

Mary Jane McLaughlin

  • Council on Aging 1974-1982

Chester Smith

  • Election Officer 2000-2012

William T. Barnett

  • Special Police Officer 1967-1973

John Dodge

  • Sidewalk Study Committee 1967, Town Historian 2008-2014

Elizabeth Cooper

  • Historic District Commission 1998-2000

Theodore “Ted” C. Tremblay

  • Fence Viewer 1990-1992

Irene Rivet

  • Finance Committee 1975-1978, Patriotic Holiday Committee 2004

Stephen B. Elder

  • Town Forrest Committee 1967-1976, Sewer Study Committee 1972-1973

Richard Bowen

  • Fiscal Planning & Coordinating 1995, 1998, 2012- 2014, Youth & Family Services 1989-1995, Capital Expenditures 1992-1998, Finance Committee 2010 to 2016

Lillian Montalto

  • Teacher

Charles Huxsaw

  • Recreation Commission 2001-2003, Community Preservation Committee 2003, Historic Preservation Commission 2000-1/2003, Election Officer 2008 to present

Edward DiNitto

  • Custodial Engineer 1986-2009

And be it further resolved that this Resolution be inscribed in the permanent record of this meeting, and notification thereof sent to members of their families.

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