Election ~ 2017: Letter to the Editor, Rachel Field for Library Trustee

By Robin Grace Silbert

I have known Rachel Field for many years as both a community activist and as a friend. I am an ardent supporter of Rachel and endorse her continued presence on the Bedford Library Board of Trustees not just because of our personal relationship but because she has a proven track record as a passionate, caring, dedicated and thoughtful advocate for those she serves.

She has been a library trustee for the past nine years. In that role, she understands the importance libraries play in the community and in our lives. Moreover, she appreciates the challenges libraries are facing in their efforts to meet the needs of its users. In addition to fulfilling the traditional role of a library trustee admirably, she has championed making our library a physically welcoming place and has sought to celebrate the cultural diversity of our town. In that regard, she has helped steer our library in a direction that serves all who walk through its portals.

As an anthropologist, journalist and documentary filmmaker, Rachel brings a diversity of background and thought which is integral to any board which must serve the needs of a growing and changing community.

Her understanding of the issues libraries in general and our library in particular face is not to be taken lightly. She is a passionate and tireless activist for all people with a special eye for those who are underserved.

Her intellectual acuity, enthusiasm for making a difference and dedication to Bedford, its residents and  library cannot be overstated.

Please join me in my support of Rachel Field at the polls on March 11. Thank you!

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