Election ~ 2017: Letter to the Editor, Sarita Pillai for Library Trustee

By Jennifer Kelley

I am writing to express my strong support for the candidacy of Sarita Pillai in Bedford’s upcoming election for the office of Library Trustee. Bedford is fortunate to have three qualified candidates for two open positions this year, and I firmly believe that Sarita is an excellent choice to fill one. Bedford’s public library is a high-quality and integral part of what makes our town such an incredible place to live, and I have full confidence that Sarita would work tirelessly to continue and enhance its work.

I have known Sarita for several years, and as a fellow working mother who spends significant hours volunteering for both the town of Bedford and its schools, I can attest to Sarita’s unwavering dedication to her community and the education of its children. She is a highly educated, intelligent, hard-working, and thoughtful individual, with a rich personal and professional background that would bring a varied and vital perspective to our public library. Bedford would be very fortunate to have her in this role.

A first generation immigrant and proud U.S. citizen, Sarita would bring a wealth of knowledge of the world as a whole, as well as an element of diversity of life experience and background to this board. I believe, as does she, that the perspective of all of Bedford’s citizens should be considered when there are decisions to be made regarding our community-based organizations and their services. In addition, she is a candidate of vast and impressive professional skills. Sarita holds an undergraduate degree in computer science from Northeastern University, as well as an MBA from Bentley University, credentials that served well for years in the software industry, and continue to do so in current her role at a non-profit research and development firm, focusing on K-12 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. There is no question that her background in both technology and STEM education, two areas of increased focus in both our library and educational system, would make her a great asset to the Bedford Free Public Library.

Personally, I also know Sarita to be an avid reader and library patron, an initiator of thoughtful discussion, and a great friend. She is organized and gets the job done to be sure, but she also has a great sense of humor and the personal qualities needed to weigh the varied opinions of others and work towards a common goal. The fact that she also finds the time to volunteer at her church and her daughters’ schools, and has always reached out to friends in need, simply underscores her tirelessness. Sarita is an amazing woman, and I urge you to join me at the polls in casting a vote for her on Saturday, March 11th. Thank you.

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