Election ~ 2017: Letter to the Editor, Sarita Pillai for Library Trustee

By Caroline Larson

I am writing in support of Sarita Pillai’s candidacy for Library Trustee in Bedford’s upcoming elections on March 11.

I have known Sarita and her family for four years since they moved to Bedford and started attending St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, where I am a long-time and active parishioner. I have enjoyed getting to know Sarita, her husband, and her daughters, and our congregation is better for the thoughts, talents, and warmth they have brought to our church community.

Sarita is an energetic, dedicated leader in our Christian Education program where she is a lead Sunday School teacher for children in grades 1-3.  Sarita teaches consecutive Sundays in the Fall, one of the busiest times of the year for parents of young children. Her willingness to give generously of herself and her time demonstrates her commitment to the spiritual education of the parish’s children and this community at large.

She currently chairs St. Paul’s Fellowship Committee which is charged with helping new families feel more welcomed while also ensuring long-time parishioners maintain and deepen their connection to a rapidly growing and changing congregation.  This is yet another demonstration of her commitment to Bedford families and her willingness to give tirelessly of herself to causes that are dear to her.

I have lived in Bedford for over 40 years, and my husband is a lifelong Bedford resident. We are regular patrons of the library and have been pleased with the ways that our library has worked to keep up with current technologies and approaches to sharing information.  With her educational and professional background, I have no doubt that Sarita would be a tremendous asset to the library in the role of Library Trustee.  As a parent of young children and a first generation immigrant, she would bring a fresh perspective that reflects the changing demographic of Bedford and would be the voice of one of the library’s growing patron communities – newer families with young, school-aged children.  Sarita is a person who is able to offer excellent and informed opinions while also respectfully listening to others.  I have confidence that she would be a strong steward of the library’s resources ensuring that our community’s needs are the most important consideration for the library, its staff, and Trustees.

For all these reasons and more, I am voting for Sarita Pillai for Library Trustee on March 11 and I hope you will too.

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