Letter to the Editor: March 12, 2017, Thank You from Robin Grace

By Robin Grace

I want to thank all the hardy Bedford citizens who braved frigid temperatures Saturday to vote in our town election. As you may know, there were several positions on the ballot including Selectmen, School Committee, and Planning Board. Those races were uncontested – only the race for Bedford Library Trustee was contested.

The incumbent, Rachel Field, was re-elected to the board and I was elected to serve along with her. The third candidate, Sarita Pillai, lost the race but by a slim margin. Who knows how the race might have turned out had the weather been different?

As a candidate for trustee, I am so proud to have been in the company of such incredibly smart, accomplished and committed women. Although I didn’t know Sarita before the election, I feel I’ve gotten to know her through our evening taping of Bedford Television’s Meet the Candidates, her Facebook posts, the letters written in support of her candidacy and our shared “survival adventure” during yesterday’s deep freeze outside JGMS. My hat’s off to a really terrific lady and someone who has a great deal to offer the Bedford community.

I want to thank my dear friends who committed to hold signs for me yesterday and didn’t take me up on my offer to opt-out due to the biting-cold temperatures. They all came, and they all stayed. Moreover, I want to thank Kevin Latady who voted and then returned fifteen minutes later with a heater to help take the chill off – only one jacket and Zoe Pierce’s glove were singed in a wee “melt down.” In addition, I would like to thank wonderful Linda White who made the cutest “Vote for Robin” flags for her homemade brownies bites and stood by my side ALL DAY! Now that’s a friend!

I would like to thank all my friends who came out to support me on Saturday. In particular, I want to thank the young adults who are friends of my sons, David and Adam, who came out to vote because they were home on college break. I am proud that
you took the time out of your schedules to show up. And I am prouder still that you are responsible citizens who exercised your right to vote and give voice. You kids will always be special to me. And my fridge will always be open to you!

So thank you to the Bedford citizens, both those I know and those I have never met, who came out and supported Rachel Field, Sarita Pillai and me. You are the reason my husband, our sons and I feel so much a part of this wonderful community. I will work my hardest to be a good steward for you and our Bedford Free Public Library.

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