Letter to the Editor, March 2, 2017: Post-Election, 2017 ~ A Seussically-Inspired Poem

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! – Image (c) USPS, 2004


By Peter Colgan

I just saw a poem in Dr. Seuss style,
The best Trump-bashing piece I’d read in a while.
I read it with glee, it was sent by my mate.
But then asked the question, “Is this spewing more hate?”;
It mocks Trump’s endowment, and Trumpsters’ intent,
Assumes they’re deplorable bigots who went,
To vote out the problems that the blacks and the browns,
And the fake news put out to pull us all down.

Some people voted to get rid of the “good,”
Put in place by elitists who misunderstood,
The world of our farmers, our welders and miners,
Who for eight years felt shunned and were labeled as whiners.

The Blue guys’ agenda is going to win,
For a few years – Hey, guess what? We voted them in.
Trump is delivering what he said that he would.
The Republican congress thinks it’s all good.
“America First” sounds great in the speeches,
If we can all just get past the choices it teaches.
Despite what you think, though, it’s really quite true,
That Trump’s in the White House, whether you’re Red or Blue.

I see both sides clearly. It’s not milk and honey.
We’ve enabled a system of “Follow the money.”;
Where, Left or Right, it’s all just the same,
Those who have power set the rules of the game.
They make us believe that they’re in it for us,
When it’s all very clear we’re not driving the bus.

Your support’s not required, feel free to be raucous,
But please, please just show some respect for the office.
The rights we enjoy to protest and speak,
Of disdain for the privilege that limits the weak,
Are our rights for a reason, for these we fought dearly,
“We want to join you” say our neighbors quite clearly.

What we don’t want is hate, or one-issue blindness,
Or belief that your view is more important than kindness,
We need willingness first, to listen then yield,
As everyone’s goals are in play on this field.
You’re really quite clueless, accept this as true,
And you’ll find that this makes you a much better you.

Be a person with values, know the bounds of your senses,
Please also be willing to knock down the fences.
Fences divide us. They’re really inventions,
We create in our minds to support our intentions.
Some feel quite fine “Doing right by my own,”;
Unaware that the invasive seeds they have sewn,
Bring deep-rooted weeds on the parched, barren soil,
Of the limited mindset to which they are loyal.

It’s just human nature to worry and fear,
That we’re losing our faith, our control and careers.
But it’s more human to pause, to think then reflect,
“We’re in this together!” and let’s not neglect,
To remember the fact that our country is us,
We all have a right to a seat on the bus.
We’re millions of people with millions of minds,
All hoping for peaceful and prosperous times.

I’m choosing to love that and to keep this view first.
I’m discussing ideas – not who is the worst.
I try to see purple – not green, red, or blue.
I’m dropping the labels and want to see you.
I’m playing the long game, taking small steps,
I’m sure that together we’ll choose what is best.

I know that some think that these times are crazy,
That some think the others are stupid and lazy.
There’s no moving forward when we label and judge,
There’s no hope for progress when no one will budge.
I’m willing to give when I know I will get,
Something in return even if it’s not yet.
I respect your ideas, your limits, your choices,
I know I’m just one of millions of voices.
Some call this naïve, this way takes much longer,
But together, I know, as a nation we’re stronger.

I envision a country at peace, without rage,
With no labels but “human,” where we’re on the same page.
If you are not there yet, can’t buy it at all,
You can choose what to do if you know where you fall:
If you’re feeling the victim, rise up and fight.
The energy moves you to lessen your plight.
If you’re feeling combative then try for a shift
From “I win or else” to “You, too, get a gift.”;

If you’re feeling the servant, when it’s all about them,
That’s good but not great ‘til we both gain a gem.
The mindset that says “The fruit’s ours to claim”
Is more powerful still when we see we’re the same.
The connection we feel in that state of mind,
Unleashes potential and shows how we’re aligned.
Let’s choose how we’ll be, awake and aware,
In a land full of hope that all of us share.

Written in response to a poem by John Pavlovitz at https://johnpavlovitz.com/2016/12/05/how-the-trump-stole-america/

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