Letter to the Editor: March 20, 2017: Article 10 Reducing Single-Use Plastic Bags by Renu Bostwick


By Renu Bostwick

I am heartened to see that there is an article in the Annual Town Meeting Warrant proposing the reduction of single-use plastic bags in Bedford.  I feel fortunate to live in a town where the Selectmen are forward thinking in this regard rather than waiting on state or federal legislation.

Single-use plastic bags pollute our land and water: Every single day when I walk our dog around Bedford’s paths, fields, and sidewalks, I notice plastic bags caught in the brush and littering the area.

Single-use plastic bags harm wildlife and our environment: The millions of plastic bags that become litter end up as smaller micro-plastic particles but never biodegrade in our lifetime. These pollutants end up in our waterways, are eaten by fish and other wildlife, and enter the food chain.

Single-use plastic bags harm our health: Plastics in the food chain mean plastics end up in people! I certainly don’t want my family to be ingesting these plastics which are known to disrupt people’s hormones. A recent New York Times article points out that it could affect male fertility.

Single-use plastic bags negatively affects our climate: Single-use plastic bags are made from fossil fuels and contribute to increased greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. Our disposable mindset is harming the future of our children who deserve a livable climate.

Reducing single-use plastic bags in Bedford is a wonderful step in the right direction for creating a sustainable and livable world. Let’s all show up on Mar 27th and vote in favor of Article 10 which reduces plastic bags in business establishments in Bedford!

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