Letter to the Editor: March 22, 2017: Why I Come to Town Meeting by Sarah Dorer


By Sarah Dorer

Robert and I moved into Bedford in the spring of 1983, and have been loyal and active members of Town Meeting every year since. We wouldn’t miss the opportunity to be directly involved in the important decisions that affect our daily lives in our adopted town. The concept of Open Town Meeting, where every registered voter can actually attend, ask questions, speak, listen to others and actually vote, was entirely new to me when we moved to town. I had never experienced this kind of democracy in action before, where every person can really make a difference. It is powerful! It was the one annual event for which we always tried to find a babysitter every year that we needed one.

You see, I grew up in New York City, in Manhattan. While The New York Times was our daily newspaper, and while I had a general idea of what was happening in the city and in the world at large, I had absolutely no idea how city government worked or how decisions were made. I knew we had a Mayor and that the mayor’s residence, Gracie Mansion, was just blocks from my school. I also knew that we had Borough Presidents, but other than that, I didn’t know what they did. I remember voting in a few elections – for President and Mayor, but have no memory of any issues. I knew that I was a tiny, tiny fish in a huge pond and that I did not make a difference in any city-wide decisions that affected my life on a daily basis.

By attending Bedford Town Meeting, I know that my presence matters and that my vote matters. I love this town and want to ensure that the Bedford of the future continues to provide for its children and residents what our family has benefited from these past thirty-four years. There is nothing quite like knowing that you can make a difference in your own town life and that of others. We will be there Monday, March 27, for sure! Hope to see you there!

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