Letter to the Editor, March 28, 2017: Town Meeting: To Be Continued by Brenda Kenahan


By Brenda Kenahan

On a typical late afternoon at the Kenahan house, I’m usually caught in the never-ending, multi-tasking vortex of stay-at-home parenting. All my unfinished tasks have lost their 9 am optimism of completion and the unfolded loads of laundry seem to be settling in for another night of mocking me from the couch. My three boys, ages 14, 12 and 7, are home from or getting ready to head to, team practices. They need dinner, homework help or SOMETHING at every turn. When 7:30 graciously rolls around, my husband is prepping the 7-year-old for bed, and I can throw on my pajamas and finally take a minute to breathe. I imagine it’s the same with parents everywhere. Sometimes, if I listen really hard, I swear I can hear the corks popping simultaneously all over town.

But last night, instead of settling in with a glass of my favorite Pinot Grigio, I took myself to Town Meeting.

If I’ve learned anything these past many months, it’s that our right to vote is precious and not to be taken lightly. Anytime there’s something or someone to vote for, this girl is going to vote!

We are fortunate to live where citizens have a say in the budget and planning for our schools, roadways, trails and bikeways. Voting to amend bylaws that affect local businesses and shape the environment and the future of our town is no small thing. As cliche as it sounds, voting IS a right and a privilege.

Last night we voted on 20 out of 31 articles, including voting to approve a ban on thin-film, single-use plastic bags, zoning for Registered Marijuana Dispensaries, and approving funds for conducting a survey to make sure we continue to meet the needs of our growing senior population.

Having our voices be heard is vital to the future of our town and I hope you’ll join me tonight at 7:30 PM in the BHS auditorium for the continuation of Town Meeting as we vote on the remaining 11 articles.

I promise not to judge you if you show up in your pajamas.

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  1. Dear Brenda Kenahan, what a wonderful letter. Thanks for the look into your busy life and especially for coming to Town Meeting. TM is a great opportunity to learn a lot about all the things that our tax money does, about how the choices are made, about the many things going on that one never heard of and that are worthwhile, and about the variety of needs and points of view expressed by the citizen speakers. We are SO lucky to have so many dedicated volunteers and professional staff who manage our town’s affair and money so extremely well.
    Meg (Jenny) LeSchack

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