By Dot Bergin

Given the local and national interest in the health of the honey bee population these days, it is exciting to report that a hive of Italian honey bees will be installed on the third-floor roof of the Bedford Free Public Library on April 13.

Library Director Richard Callaghan said the hive will be visible from the Mezzanine of the Library.  Earlier in the year, the Trustees approved this unusual addition to the Library’s varied attractions. Funding for the year-long project will come from private sources.

Callaghan told The Citizen that a company called Best Bees [] provides hives to businesses and cultural institutions as a way of expanding the honey bee population and improving the health and safety of bees.  Each hive provides valuable information for the company’s research. Headquartered in Boston, Best Bees has now extended its beekeeping services to clients throughout New England and even as far west as Denver, Seattle, and San Francisco.

Trained beekeepers will maintain the Library’s hive on a regular basis and will even bottle the honey that is produced.  Callaghan expects the bees will attract a fair amount of attention, including visits from Bedford school children. And it is not unusual for a Library to “host” a hive-neighboring Arlington Public Library currently has one.

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