In the Bedford Library Gallery through July 12: New England Simplified, work by Philip Kelsey

‘On Bow Road’, oil on canvas, (c) Phillip Kelsey, 2014 all rights reserved

Submitted by the Art Steering Committee of the Bedford Free Public Library

Work by Philip Kelsey is on display in the Bedford Free Public Library through Wednesday, July 12.

According to his artist’s statement,  Kelsey seeks, “to capture in paint the essence of a scene that I have in my mind’s eye. When I encounter a motif that appeals to me, I make a number of sketches and photographs. The objective is to record a full and accurate representation of what I see.”

“I take all this information back to the studio where I create a composite image that eliminates the superfluous and reduces the image down to its essential form and color,” Kelsey continues. “I evoke a dream-like state in my paintings via a stylized graphic interpretation and luminosity. I believe that dreams and memory overlap. A dream-like rendering of a place is the most powerful way I can express it. It includes multiple moments in time that elicits the psychological mood that a particular environment inspires.”

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