Is Your Dad a Bedford Citizen (Fan)? The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: a Virtual Bedford Citizen Tie

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

The Bedford Citizen’s Virtual Tie – The perfect Father’s Day present is just the right size for his Facebook profile photo – Courtesy image (c) Gene Kalb, 2017 all rights reserved

Is your dad someone who loves his community?  Does he take pride in the fact we live in Bedford and is he curious as to what makes this town run?  Is your dad the type of person who believes in citizen journalism?

Father’s Day is approaching, and if you’re like most people, shopping for dear old dad is… not easy.

Do you know it is estimated that $12.5 billion is spent on Father’s Day gifts, and judging by presents I bought my dad, close to $12.49 billion were dutifully appreciated and forgotten?

Ties are one of the most common Father’s Day gifts.  They’re cheap, they’re one size fits all, and they’re easy to stick in a drawer and lose.  Does your dad really need another tie?

We have a solution.  Introducing The Bedford Citizen Virtual Tie.

It helps us provide quality, independent news to Bedford.   It’s a way to show your dad that you know what he values.  And…. It never needs washing.

Click to “purchase” your Bedford Citizen Virtual Tie, and help support our effort for Citizen Journalism. Your donation (the price of a tie, or any other amount, like $25) will show your dad that you know  what he values.

Have your dad put the Virtual Tie on his Facebook profile photo (you might have to help him) and show his friends that he’s a Citizen fan.

Keep our journalism strong! Support The Citizen Journalism Fund today. Contact The Bedford Citizen: or 781-325-8606

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