Exhibit at the Bedford Free Public Library’s Gallery Features ‘Inuit Influences’ ~ Work by Lynne Klemmer

Inuit Calder Influences – Image (c) Lynne Klemmer, 2017 all rights reserved – Click to view larger image

Submitted by the Art Steering Committee of the Bedford Free Public Library

Inuit Influences, work by Lynne Klemmer, will be on display in the Gallery at the Bedford Free Public Library through Wednesday, September 13

Lynne Klemmer’s Artist Statement, 2017

Inuit (aka Eskimo) art has a spiritual, organic and intrinsically animalistic manner that has resonated with me since making art in college. I love how it captures a childlike quality, the simplicity of form and its essence of the spirit of all things, called inua. Their belief in the liminality between humans and animals has kindled a powerful abundance of imagery in the forms of animals, shamans and the act of transformation.

The series Inuit Influences has been ongoing for over 8 years. I reinterpret Inuit art images into contemporary, highly color saturated, textual paintings using a wide variety of mediums on paper. Off shoot sub-series in the past include a mother/baby theme called Amautik using a child-carry parka hood. In the last two years, I have added influences from some favorite artists such as Alexander Calder, Edward Munch, and Adolph Gottlieb.

I am working towards layering, blending and merging diverse imagery and concepts with a goal of maintaining a certain joie de vivre all the while pursuing a quest for increased abstraction.

For more information about Lynne Klemmer and her work, visit www.ldk-art.com/.

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