Letter to the Editor, July 10, 2017: Joe Damery’s Memories of Bedford’s Old Horse Trough

Bedford’s original horse trough has had a checkered history. It once stood on a corner of The Great Road, but was relegated to Bedford’s town dump until It was rescued. Moved to the Hartwell Town Forest, the trough now honors the Hartwell family whose land grant goes back to  1666  – Image (c) JMcCT, 2017 all rights reserved – Click to view larger image

By Joe Damery

Just recently while thinking about a Stone-Horse-Trough that once stood at the corner of South Road and Loomis Street . . . I went into the Town Forest and checked out that restored and very beautiful trough, much resembling the Unit I and other Kids of my Era Played with  . . . Knowing that it Also had been moved to the Town Dump just kind of wondered of the coincidence of the New Engraved Memorial Unit.

My family moved to 98 South Road on March 21, 1942, only weeks after Pearl Harbor . . . Rather quickly I became attracted to that Trough as a place I and other kids would put dirt into and play with toy trucks etc . . .

In my memory, it was a smoother exterior and Maybe a bit smaller that the Forest Unit. At 86 my Memory could be a bit Fuzzy for the Trough’s Details, but it stood quite near a Bedford-Fire-Alarm Pedestal, Numbered Box 24 . . . I once had to pull that alarm for a House Fire across from my Family Home.

Strangely, I thought the Sides of the Trough I played with had a smoother-Exterior, devoid of the Chisel marks that I see on The-Forest-Unit…

This item is submitted with the Very Best of Historical Intentions . . . BTW, I often give Thanks,  that My Parents moved us 3 Damery Kids from, 59 Thorndike St. in Arlington out here to Beautiful-Bedford.

Very Truly Yours,

Joe Damery

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