Planning Board to Hold Three Public Hearings on September 12

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Bedford’s Planning Board will hold three public hearings during its meeting on September 12, 2017, beginning at 7:30 pm. The meeting will take place in the Selectmen’s room on the first floor of Town Hall, 10 Mudge Way.

The hearings will consider rezoning at Pine Hill Crossing and at Carleton Willard Village in preparation for Special Town Meeting on November 6, and a special permit application for a new hotel to be constructed at 39 Crosby Drive.

Pine Hill Crossing Rezoning

At 7:30 pm, the board will consider a proposal for rezoning the former Coast Guard property, at Pine Hill Road, Mickelson Lane, and Lewis Road now known as Pine Hill Crossing.

The existing housing units at Pine Hill Crossing are currently being renovated for rental occupation. The proposed zoning change would allow a denser residential development, in line with the approach favored at the public charrette sessions held in 2014 and pursued by the Town through an RFP process and agreement with developer TR Associates. The developer’s intention is to keep most of the existing units while adding two story units, and ultimately offer all units for sale. The agreement provides for four units out of a total of 29 to be designated as affordable

  1. To adopt a new Section 21 Military Housing Reuse/Cottage Overlay District”, to facilitate redevelopment of former military housing sites by allowing through special permit approval, as an alternative to the underlying zoning, a denser form of development comprising moderate sized houses with certain dimensional, landscaping, affordable unit inclusion, vehicular and non-vehicular access and other
  2. To rezone the former Coast Guard property on Pine Hill Road, Mickelson Lane, and Lewis Road, consisting of 5.2 shown on Assessors Map 45 as Parcel 1, to the Military Housing Reuse/Cottage Overlay

It is anticipated that these amendments will be placed on the warrant for Bedford’s November 6, 2017 Special Town Meeting.

Carleton-Willard Village Rezoning

At 8 pm, the board will consider a proposal by Carleton-Willard Village to rezone several parcels of land on Old Billerica Road.

Carleton-Willard’s current campus operation is covered by the Nursing Care Facility section of the Zoning Bylaw. The organization wishes to expand the independent living portion, which is in the form of groups of cottage units, by adding three house lots on Old Billerica Road (near the Route 62 intersection). The intention is to add approximately 12 units. Other rule adjustments would provide for changes in the balance of living types and the amount of wetlands on the campus.

  1. To determine whether the Town will vote to approve the addition of 3 parcels of land, located at 56, 62, and 66 Old Billerica Road, pursuant to Section 14.8 of the Bedford Zoning Bylaws, to the Nursing Care Facility overlay provisions of Section 10 of the Bedford Zoning Bylaws, said parcels owned by Carleton-Willard Homes, Inc. and further identified on Assessor’s Map 47 as Parcels 2, 4, and 5.
  2. To amend Section 10.2 “permissible densityby deleting the phrase eight and onehalf persons per acre exclusive of land situated within Flood Plain/ Wetland District” and substituting there for “ten (10)  persons per acre exclusive of land within the Common Open Space”.
  3. To amend Section 10.3.1 “Principal Uses”, subsection (d) pertaining to Independent Living Facilities s, by deleting “33%” and substituting there for 50%”.
  4. To amend Section 3.7 “Common Open Space”, by deleting “50%” and substituting there for “75%”.

It is anticipated that these amendments will be placed on the warrant for Bedford’s November 6, 2017 Special Town Meeting.

A New Hotel at 39 Crosby Drive

At 8:30 pm, the board will review on a special permit application under the Industrial Mixed Use provisions of the Zoning Bylaw.

This hearing will review a special permit proposed by Jamsan Hotel Management, LLC for property at 39 Crosby Drive and a portion of 45 Crosby Drive, under the Industrial Mixed Use provision, Section 15 of the Bedford Zoning Bylaw. The project involves construction of a hotel and restaurant/coffee shop and retention of a manufacturing building, with related parking and landscaping.

The proposal by Jamsan Hotel Management involves construction of a new 5 story, 130 room hotel and a small (1,500 square feet) cafeteria or coffee shop close to Crosby Drive and retention of the existing industrial use at the rear of 39 Crosby. A portion of the current 45 Crosby parcel will be included to accommodate the proposal (Fujifilm will remain at the rear).

The applicant is in discussions with the Even Hotels brand, which looks to attract business travelers with a focus on wellness.

Plans for the hotel development are available from the Planning Board website by clicking 2017-08-04_39_crosbydr._planset.pdf

NOTE: Additional information for all three proposals is available through the Planning Office, 781-275-1548.

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