What is the Warrant? Why is the Motion Made at Town Meeting Sometimes Different?

By Moderator Cathy Cordes

The Warrant is a notice to all voters of the town as to the time and location of the Town Meeting.  The warrant must state the subjects to be acted upon so that every voter knows what is being proposed. No action can be taken by TM unless the subject matter is contained in the Warrant.

The wording of the warrant does not have to be the exact wording of the motion at TM, but it must contain a sufficient description of what is proposed so that voters are aware of the subject matter.

So why would it be different?  The Warrant must be finalized to be sent to the printer more than one month before TM begins.  In the intervening month, motions are fine-tuned for proper wording and dollar amounts are made as accurately as possible, based on up-to-the-minute data in some cases.

And, in some cases, boards and committees concerned with the content of the warrant article have not come to a decision as to what they will recommend at TM.  In this case, at the end of the Article you will see the words “Recommendation to be given at Town Meeting.”

Editor’s Note: This is Part II of a six-part series of articles to prepare residents, new and experienced alike, for Town Meeting on Monday, November 6.


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