A corner of the Gallery at First Parish on Bedford Common where ‘White on White’ is on display through January 2, 2918 – Image (c) JMcCT, 2017 all rights reserved

Submitted by First Parish on Bedford Common

York Street Baptist Church, York Village, Maine 1891 © 1971 Steve Rosenthal

Historic New England’s traveling exhibition, White on White: Churches of Rural New England, is open through January 2 at the Gallery at First Parish in Bedford, Unitarian Universalist, 75 The Great Road on the Town Common in Bedford, MA

The exhibit includes 30 black and white photographs by renowned architectural photographer Steve Rosenthal depicting iconic New England churches, drawn from his handsome book of the same name.

On Sunday, December 10 at noon, there will be a public reception in the Gallery with the photographer expected to be present

First Parish Meeting House, Groton, Massachusetts, 1755 Turned and remodeled, 1839 © Steve Rosenthal

Rosenthal began photographing New England churches in the 1960s, and the project gradually became a personal quest. His luminous black and white photographs capture the effect of light on three-dimensional forms and the abstract patterns of shingles and shutters.

The early churches of New England hold a special place in the American consciousness, revered for their physical beauty, simplicity, and elegance and for their role in the early history of this country. Photographer Steve Rosenthal captures the intrinsic beauty of the architecture while creating a world of rich order and rational light.

“These are the buildings which give New England towns and villages a unique sense of place and define, in many minds, the New England character. Collectively, they are as important to the cultural and architectural history of these villages as are the great cathedrals to the cities of Europe.” Rosenthal explains.

To learn more about White on White, visit the website, http://steverosenthalphoto.com/whiteonwhite/index.php.

The exhibition is on display in the Gallery on weekdays 9-5, and often in the evenings and on weekends.  To be certain, please contact the church office at 781-275-7994 or Rev. John Gibbons at jgibbons@uubedford.org.

First Parish on Bedford Common is entirely accessible using the Elm Street entrance.


Old First Church, Old Bennington, Vermont, 1805 © 2005 Steve Rosenthal

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