Appreciating Bedford’s DPW for Working Overnight in Sub-Zero Temperatures to Repair a Water Main Break

Bedford’s DPW worked through the night restoring service after a water main break on Glenridge Drive – Courtesy image (c) Susan Ackerman, 2017 all rights reserved

Submitted by Susan Ackerman

Dear Bedford DPW,

I want to say thank you for fixing the water main break on Glenridge Drive last night. I am not sure who exactly was there but you were all absolutely amazing and you are all very appreciated.  You responded quickly and worked tirelessly in frigid temperatures. You were up all night away from your family and loved ones helping to bring back water and heat to my family and neighbors.

From my window, it appeared as if an army of people came in and stayed up all night and by morning you were all gone and my water and heat fixed.  As if it were a dream but this certainly did not magically happen and took many long hours of hard work by many.

I thought about how I could possibly say thank you for all you do. With no hot water to make coffee and in the late hours, I was unsure how to really say thank you. So a big shout out hopefully getting into the Bedford Citizen to say THANK YOU!

Not sure who these wonderful people are in this photo but this was taken around 2:30 am and they were there many hours before and still after this photo was taken. It was an all-night job and they did their job! Great responsive services and great teamwork the DPW has shown in rough conditions!

Thank you!

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Mindy Pollack-Fusi
Mindy Pollack-Fusi
4 years ago

We do have an amazing DPW!!

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