To Our Contributors: A Warm Thank You…and Onward We Go!

By Ginni Spencer

The Bedford Citizen finished its 2017 fundraising campaign in a flurry of generous year-end donations that enabled it to achieve its target goal.  Many thanks to all those who contributed to enable The Citizen to continue to reliably report on all that is going on in our local government and in our community.

Reaching the goal for 2017 is the third time the paper has done so since it first began fundraising in 2015.  Every year support has grown which both affirms the need for local news coverage available in an online format and enhances what can be offered by way of coverage and services.

Bedford is a bustling town and it’s still not possible to be in two places at once.  The Citizen helps readers achieve at least a semblance of that state by reporting on the actions of town boards and committees, Annual and Special Town Meeting, and providing up to the minute information on pending decisions and breaking news.  BeTc, the town calendar brought to you by The Citizen, is a go-to resource for everyone.  Your donation supports all of this activity and more!

We’d like to use this opportunity to make a shout-out to our many contributors: our wonderful diligent writers and all the individuals and organizations who submit articles, press releases, and photographs.   All those who give us a heads up when news is breaking.  You are all a significant part of our success and we are grateful and proud that you work so hard for The Citizen and by extension, Bedford itself.

We will always need your financial support, dear donor – it’s a fact of life as a non-profit.  We will never take you for granted!  But if you haven’t donated before (or yet) here’s a reminder: you may donate at any time online at our website (  Look for the DONATE button.  Please consider becoming a sustainer donor by authorizing a recurring monthly donation that spreads out the amount of your gift and has the added benefit of taking it off your “To Do” list.

Or you can send a check directly to The Bedford Citizen, PO Box 212, Bedford, 01730.  The Citizen is a 501(c)3 corporation and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Not yet a subscriber?  Go to and sign up today!

Keep our journalism strong! Support The Citizen Journalism Fund today. Contact The Bedford Citizen: or 781-430-8827

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