Great Road Business District and Pine Hill Crossing Zoning Proposals ~ Important Public Hearing ~ Tuesday, January 23

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The Planning Board will host a pair of important public hearings on Tuesday, January 23.

At 7:30 pm, the board will present concepts for the four business zones they have defined along The Great Road and hear public comment on related adjustments to the zoning map. Then at 8:45 pm they will discuss changes to the Pine Hill Crossing zoning article to be considered at Annual Town Meeting in March.


The Great Road Business Zoning

The meeting will begin with a discussion of the Planning Board’s initiative to revitalize Bedford’s business district zoning, most of which has been in place for many years.

The board’s proposal defines four areas, beginning with the Shawsheen District at the easternmost end of The Great Road, including the Great Road Plaza; the Marketplace, Bedford’s most recently renovated commercial area; Town Center, including the Historic District; and the North Road District, the westernmost end of The Great Road at Willson Park, then turning right into North Road.

Each district has its own character and will be addressed individually. According to the Planning Board’s presentation, the Great Road Business Zoning initiative has specific, overarching goals

  • Promote the economic vitality of Great Road’s business areas
  • Develop and retain a vibrant, attractive business center that provides goods, services, and jobs along with green space in a manner that comports with Bedford’s historic development pattern
  • Encourage a mix of commercial, residential, institutional, and civic uses in a physical arrangement that is safe for and promotes pedestrians and bikes, as well as vehicular traffic with activity close to the street
  • Create, maintain, and enhance areas appropriate for small and moderate-scale, single- and multi-use buildings that support a variety of retail and service uses, the arts and creative economy and supporting creative enterprises and commercial activities
  • Continue to have varied development patterns and building forms along Great Road so as to avoid excessive uniformity in appearance
  • Provide for housing above and next to commercial space

Promote shared access and appropriate links to adjoining properties

Click this link to view the Planning Board’s interactive presentation about the Great Road Business District

Click this link to view the legal notice for the hearing


Zoning Changes for Pine Hill Crossing

The concept plan presented at the January 11 meeting of the MAHT – Image (c) TWA, 2017 all rights reserved

Since Bedford’s Special Town Meeting in November 2017 the Planning Board has worked to revise the defeated zoning proposal for Pine Hill Crossing, the group of dwellings once known as Coast Guard housing on Pine Hill Road.

Several articles about the new development have appeared in The Bedford Citizen:

Click this link to read the “red line” draft of the proposed changes.

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