By Meredith McCulloch

By the end of the Town Caucus on January 9, seven citizens had stepped forward to accept a nomination to a town board. However, three positions had no caucus nominee.  Any voter can still obtain Nomination papers from the Town Clerk until January 19 and with 50 signatures collected by January 22, that name can be placed in nomination.

Here is a general description of three boards that have at least one opening with no caucus nominee:

Board of Health

The Board of Health has two vacancies but only one nominee. The BOH mission is to  “promote healthy people, healthy families, and a healthy environment.”  They set policy and regulations on issues such as tobacco control and the keeping of animals. They are ready to respond to any public health emergency such as ticks and mosquito-borne illness. They oversee health inspections of restaurants.

The board is made up of five elected members plus a liaison from the Selectmen and one from the Planning Board.  They typically meet the second Monday of the month at 7 am.

Bedford Housing Authority

The Bedford Housing Authority ‘s charge is “to provide affordable, subsidized rental housing for people of low income.”  They oversee state housing programs that provide housing assistance and locally owned units for low-income individuals and families. The board has two vacancies. One for a 3-year term has a caucus nominee. A second vacancy is for a 1-year term and has no nominee at this time. The five-member board meets once a month at Ashby Place.

Library Trustees

The Library Trustee Board has two open seats, but only one caucus nominee.  The Trustees are an independent board that oversees the policies, programs, and services of the library. They appoint the Library Director. They usually meet at the library on the second Tuesday of the month.

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