Winter Storm Epilog: Find the Nearest Fire Hydrant and Dig it Free

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Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

A fire hydrant buried under a mound of snow complicates the already difficult and dangerous situation of fighting a fire. The time it takes to locate and liberate a hidden hydrant could mean the difference between a minor incident and a total loss, or in the worst case, life and death.

They’re all there: A map of Bedford’s fire hydrants – Image (c) 2018 – Click to view a larger image

There are more than 850 fire hydrants in Bedford; the telephone pole nearest each hydrant is marked with a reflective red band and a diamond that points in the general direction of the hydrant.

Citizen reader Steve K. sent a message about how to locate Bedford’s fire hydrants online using

Follow these steps:

  1. Click the FIND tab on the left under the town flag
  2. Plug in your address (you need to select the street and street# from the drop-downs offered after you enter a partial street name or #), to zoom-in and show your property
  3. Click the LAYERS tab, then scroll down the Layers section, find the “Hydrants” check-box and click it to turn on hydrant display (it’s not checked by default); little red hydrants will be displayed on the map.

You may have to zoom-out a couple of times on the map to be able to more easily see the hydrants indicated on the map of your street.

Digging out the hydrant nearest your house or place of business is an act of civic kindness and could be crucial in case of an actual fire.

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