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Andrea Cleghorn, being sworn in as a member of the Special Legislative Commission to Study Pancreatic Cancer – Image (c) JMcCT, 2018

Andrea Cleghorn has been appointed to the Massachusetts Health and Human Services Special Legislative Commission to Study Pancreatic Cancer.

The Commission also includes House and Senate chairs of the Joint Committee on Public Health, the House minority leader, the Senate minority leader, two medical specialists, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Commissioner of Public Health, the Commission of Insurance, and four appointees of the Massachusetts Governor, including two members of the public with demonstrated expertise in the work of the commission.

A pancreatic cancer survivor, Cleghorn is a journalist and author of The Whipple Brunch, a Journey Through Cancer: the fears, tears, tiaras, & tornadoes. The nonfiction book title refers to her Boston hospital experience of and recovery from the Whipple Procedure, an extensive surgical treatment for cancer in the pancreas.

The special commission shall make an investigation and study to establish the prevalence of pancreatic cancer in Massachusetts and determine the unmet needs of patients and their families; study prevention, screening, education, and support programs. It will also provide recommendations for additional legislation necessary to address the unmet needs of patients and their families and ways to effect early diagnosis and treatment for patients.

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