A Message from State Senator Mike Barrett

State Senator Mike Barrett (D-Lexington) issued the following statement on February 13, 2018:

“Late yesterday, doctors at Mass. General Hospital diagnosed me with APL, a rare form of leukemia.  Fortunately for me, APL is highly curable.  I’ll be hospitalized for roughly 30 days and then receive treatment as an outpatient.

“Throughout, I’ll continue to pursue the legislative and district priorities of my constituents.  In terms of politics, for me nothing will change: I’ll be running for re-election in the fall.

“Because the white blood cell counts of APL patients are way below normal, infections such as the flu can have consequences.  My doctors tell me I won’t be leaving the hospital for a month and that, for some additional period of time, I’ll need to avoid crowded situations where people may have bad colds, etc.

“This past week, before I had a diagnosis and knew what to call my condition, I kept up contact with people and got work done via laptop, email, and cell phone.  Unfortunately, my docs will not let me hop out of bed at Mass. General and head up Beacon Hill to vote in a packed chamber.  But otherwise, with the help of my fantastic staff, I expect to advance my legislative agenda quite effectively throughout my convalescence, and to resume my duties in full thereafter.”

Editor’s Note: Please mail get well cards or notes to Senator Barrett’s office: State House, Room 416, Boston, MA 02133

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Mary Kay Elloian
Mary Kay Elloian
4 years ago

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

4 years ago

Get well soon, Mike, and keep up the great work.

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