Letter to the Editor, March 23, 2018: Annual Town Meeting Articles 6 and 7 – Pine Hill Crossing

By Lee Vorderer

After many months of paying close attention to the development at Pine Hill Crossing (formerly the Coast Guard housing on Pine Hill Road) there are some bullet points that I think are worth mentioning when voters consider Articles 6 and 7 at Annual Town Meeting on Monday evening:

  • Bedford has needs for more housing for three populations: those who need affordable housing, those who wish to age in place, and those who have disabilities who require accommodation
  • Pine Hill has the potential to address all of these in a modest way, creating a well designed, integrated neighborhood opportunity
  • This version speaks directly to the needs of people with disabilities, rather than treating them as sort of a given under need for universal design
  •  Outdoor space and any common space will be accessible, no stairs, enough space for those using wheelchairs to turn around, etc.
  • Four units will be affordable, two of those accessible; the accessible units to meet ADS standards regarding design
  • Newly-constructed units will meet design standards that allow them to be made accessible without complete interior rebuild: eg: infrastructure for bathroms, doorways and halls will be wide enough to accommodate those who use wheelchairs
  • The developer is prepared to design to suit the buyer, so beyond the upfront commitments to accessible design, other buyers who want access features can have them
  • Plans are flexible enough so that accessible units can have parking close to the unit without destroying the open space, pedestrian friendly nature of the overall design

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