Letter to the Editor, March 24, 2018: In Support of the Davis Road Boardwalk


By Willa and Phineas Potter

We are Willa and Phineas Potter, two kids who bike to high school every day through the White Cedar Swamp section of Davis Road.  We have experienced the danger of this road firsthand and feel we are taking a risk every day biking to school. A boardwalk along the White Cedar Swamp would be extremely beneficial.

If either or both of us are still in high school when it is finished, we can say with certainty that we would use it every day, as will many others currently too frightened to bike or walk on Davis Road. When biking to school each morning, the golden glare of the sun obstructs the vision of the cars passing us. On our right, the white line crumbles into the wetland filled with broken glass and poison ivy. The section of road is straight and narrow. Vehicles, including trucks and school buses, often pass us going too fast and far too close for comfort.

Why do we bike? Fresh air and exercise in the morning wakes one up remarkably and is a great way to wind down at the end of the school day. Biking, for us, is more efficient they taking a bus. Buses are on a rigid schedule, and if a student wants to stay after school, they may need to either walk home or get a ride from a parent. We know people who miss the bus after school and spend an hour walking home via route 62 to avoid walking through the white cedar swamp section of road because it feels too dangerous. Many children’s parents do not allow them to bike or walk from their Davis Road neighborhood because of the risk. This is sad especially since we are so close to the center of town.

The school buses can also be very unfriendly places. Practically unsupervised children with lots of energy are cooped up together, and some experience extreme bullying in the younger years, as Phineas was. If those children channeled their energy into exercise on their way to school, the world would be a better place. Biking and walking is also better for the environment.

For the safety of our children, teens, and environment, we ask you to hear us and follow through with the much-needed boardwalk.

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