Privates Rule ~ A Talk by Dr. Nora Shine

Submitted by Bedford Family Connection

In her talk The Privates Rule, Dr. Nora Shine will change how you think about keeping kids safe from sexual abuse and will leave you feeling informed, empowered, and eager to use the strategies outlined in her presentation. Drawing on her experience as a child psychologist, and mother of two young children, Dr. Shine will present research-driven, realistic strategies that parents and educators can readily use.

Sponsored by Bedford Family Connection, The Privates Rule will begin at 7 pm on Tuesday, March 13 at First Parish on Bedford Common – please use the fully accessible Elm Street entrance. It is important that everyone hear The Privates Rule from the beginning. Please arrive before 7 pm. This is a free event and all are welcome.

In this warm and engaging talk, you will learn:

  • Facts about child sexual abuse that lead to effective prevention strategies.
  • A framework for integrating abuse prevention into good parenting and teaching practices.
  • How to recognize adult behaviors that should raise concern.
  • How to calmly and confidently address concerns, without over or under reaction.
  • How to increase communication with children so they feel supported and protected.

Commendations for The Privates Rule

  • “This talk addressed an extremely difficult topic in a positive, common sense manner. It was an informative and empowering talk for anyone who cares about keeping children safe.”  Carole, Preschool Director
  • “I was bracing myself for an unpleasant discussion about all things dangerous. Instead, it was a great learning opportunity and I felt that I walked away better armed to protect my girls.”   Stephanie, Parent
  • “Before the talk was even over, I was thinking about how I can get all the parents I know to come to the next one. And my husband. And my parents.”  Lisa, Parent

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