By Jeffrey Epstein

Covering Monday’s meeting of the Bedford Selectmen

Moonan Elected Chair as Selectmen Reorganize

The Selectmen reorganized for a new term at their March 12, 2018 meeting, unanimously choosing William Moonan as the new chair. Moonan takes over the chair from Margot Fleischman, who was re-elected to an additional term on March 10 in the election. Fleischman was sworn in for her new term at the start of the meeting. Michael Rosenberg was elected Clerk, replacing Moonan in that role.

Stabilization Fund Recommended at $250,000

The Selectmen voted to recommend $250,000 to the Stabilization Fund at the upcoming Town Meeting on March 26. The action item funds the town’s Stabilization Fund, an account separate from the regular reserve fund. While the Stabilization Fund provides a fiscal cushion for the town, it is not an emergency fund. A vote of Town Meeting is required to transfer and appropriate those funds. It is reported to be roughly $4,775,000 now.

The Finance Committee had originally recommended $125,000 be added to the Stabilization Fund, but the Selectmen preferred $500,000. Both parties, however, concluded it would be best to go to the Town Meeting with an agreed upon figure. After discussion, the Selectmen passed, 3-2, a motion to use the compromise figure of $250,000 for the request. Thus, the Town Meeting will be asked to add $250,000 to the Stabilization Fund.

The considerations have to do with best practices in municipal fiscal policy. They include the appropriate level of the amount of the new infusion – good practice according to various persons is 2 – 6 percent of the town’s annual budget.

Transportation Advisory Reviewing MAPC Bike Share Program

The town is considering participating in the Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s bicycle sharing program, and a memorandum of understanding is expected to be presented to the Town Meeting. However, it is under review by the Transportation Advisory Committee, and the Selectmen will look at it one more time, just prior to the Town Meeting.

At the end of the meeting, as previously reported, Town Manager Richard Reed announced his upcoming retirement. He plans to leave in the summer, and will be working with the Selectmen on the transition.

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