By Lauren Ellis

The Bedford Planning Board continued a public hearing about a special permit for the Prince Street Café on Tuesday, April 10. The proposed café at 36 North Road would allow a bakery, a café, and a single second-floor apartment. The non-conforming lot was once home to Fitzgerald’s Package Store in a building which will be demolished. After reviewing both the original and more recent, edited, plans for the site the board ultimately decided to allow the requested special permit, with contingencies.

The most significant of these contingencies is a letter of intent to be provided to the abutter for a cross-easement, which would allow shared parking. If the letter of intent is not agreed to and signed by the abutter, the owner will be asked to revert to the original plan. Further contingencies include removing a set of stairs at the back of the property, altering parking space dimensions, relocating a dumpster in the property parking lot, placing a barrier between outdoor customer seating and the road, and a designation that snow cannot be stored in parking spaces.

The board next reviewed a site plan for driveway improvements to Saint Michael’s Church, located at 90 Concord Road. The improvements, estimated to cost $200,000, will include the addition of nine new parking spaces (five of which will be designated as handicapped spaces), new parking lights, and extended sidewalks, as well as the extension of the driveway from 18 feet to 22 feet. While the board did express concerns regarding the removal of trees along the property, they also commended the safety features of the improvement plan. The driveway improvements will be further discussed at a future, to be announced, hearing date.

Board Reorganization

Amy Lloyd was unanimously re-elected as Board Chair and Jacinda Barbehenn was unanimously elected Board Clerk. Barbehenn was also nominated to represent the board as part of the town’s Town Manager Search Committee.

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