Among the Youngest Riders in Saturday’ PMC Kids Ride? The Bedford Family Connection Team!

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Our Team BFC did a fantastic job with all their races. here is picture of as many of our participants that we could get together for a picture

Some members of Team BFC at the 2018 Pan-Mass Challenge Bedford Kids Ride. – Courtesy image, 2018 all rights reserved

Submitted by the Bedford Family Connection

The Bedford Family Connection Pan-Mass Challenge Bedford Kids Ride team hit the road with their bikes on June 16th for a good cause.

The team consists of 16 kids who are under the age of 7 who have raised $2,397 to benefit the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

For many of the kids on the team, this is a cause that is close to their hearts. The BFC team includes siblings who lost their grandfather 3 years ago and a child who witnessed her grandmother undergo treatments at Dana Farber which did not work. Also, we have a set of sisters who have recently watched their own mother battle breast cancer

As you can see there is a reason all these kids wanted to raise money. We are all riding on to fight against cancer a disease that affects all of us.

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