The land across has been clear-cut in preparation for the construction of multiple houses – Image (c) Ben Oleksinski, 2018 all rights reserved – Click to view larger image


By Ben Oleksinski

Just some of the trees that came down are waiting to be chipped or carried away on June 4, 2018 – Image (c) JMcCT, 2018 all rights reserved – Click to view a larger image

Image (c) Ben Oleksinski, 2018 all rights reserved – Click to view larger image

Construction for a proposed residential development on Grove Street in Lexington, close to town lines on Page Road in Bedford, is underway.

Based on Lexington Planning Board documents, much about the plan remains unchanged since its proposal in 2016.  Up to 36 affordable ‘empty nester’ and family housing units are being built. Driveways and on-street parking will be provided for residential and visitor use. Two full access driveways, supporting both ends of the site, will be accessed alongside Grove Street.

Site-generated traffic and overall increased traffic have been major concerns for travelers and residents since the project’s proposal. An analysis conducted by MDM Transportation Consultants sees nominal change to this.

During construction, development is projected to generate 17 vehicle trips during the weekday morning peak hour and 21 vehicle trips during the weekday evening peak hour. Local trip rates developed from Town of Lexington traffic data for area residential uses validate such projections. Further, according to MDM, residential development is not expected to materially impact operating conditions along Grove Street. With select trimming and clearing of trees during site construction, safe stopping distance (SSD) will still be available for oncoming vehicles to detect, react, and stop for vehicles exiting onto Grove Street from site driveways based on speed limits and observed travel speeds.

So, the proposed development will reportedly not add much material change to traffic volumes conditions. Levels are expected to fall under normal day-to-day traffic fluctuation on Grove Street.

Both Bedford and Lexington residents have expressed their concerns and it appears those comments have been taken into consideration.

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