Digging in the Dirt with Stacy Kershaw ~ December 2018 ~ Protect Your Garden from Winter Damage

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By Stacy Kershaw

Image (c) Stacy Kershaw, 2018 all rights reserved – Click to view larger image

It seems like we went right from Summer to Winter this year. I barely had time to shut off the outside water and store my hoses before the ground froze. While we may have a warm day here and there, we need to prepare our gardens for the inevitable onslaught of messy winter weather.

Here are 5 tips to protect your garden from winter damage:

  • Spray your evergreen trees and shrubs with an anti-desiccant like Wilt-Pruf, to prevent dehydration and wilting.
  • Turn your compost heap to mix the ingredients and help them decompose. Then cover the bin with a piece of old plywood or an old saucer sled (like me!) to prevent the ingredients from becoming too cold or wet to rot into that black gold we all want.
  • Once the snow arrives, and you know it will….shovel or blow snow evenly across planting beds. Avoid putting roadside snow on top of plants–it contains salt that can damage plants.
  • If snow accumulates on trees and shrubs, remove it gently!  And when ice forms, let it melt naturally or you risk breaking limbs.
  • Overwinter perennials in a garage or basement to avoid freezing. But be sure to monitor them to make sure they don’t dry out or start to freeze.

Image (c) Stacy Kershaw, 2018 all rights reserved

And one more bonus tip: Use the branches from your Christmas tree as protective mulch on delicate shrubs and perennials!

Happy Holidays!

Image (c) Stacy Kershaw, 2018 all rights reserved – Click to view larger image


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