Bedford’s Anthony-Hunt-Hamilton Post 221 to Celebrate the American Legion’s 100th Anniversary

By Commander Jon O’Connor

Is there any better way to celebrate your 100th anniversary, than asking the community you live in to be a part of that celebration?

Bedford’s Post asks the extended community to actively participate in the American Legion’s 100th Year Anniversary. Join with us as we celebrate Bedford’s Centennial Reflections. We ask you to send us any images, poems, stories, or even a thought or two of how you and your family may have remembered WWI.  You may have a story handed down to you from your Grandparents, or even your Great Great Grandparents, or Great Aunts or Uncles.

Visit our website or email your Reflections or any questions you may have to

Send in your Reflections so we can add them to our official 100th Year Celebration which will be held on January 26, 2019.

The Anniversary BBQ

Post 221 will host a Veterans BBQ on January 26 for any and all Veterans.

About the American Legion in Bedford

This past Veterans Day marked the 100th anniversary of signing the armistice ending The War to End All Wars. That same year, The American Legion began a legacy of supporting our troops and Veterans.

Here in town, the three Bedford boys who didn’t return home from WWI not only gave their lives but also their names. Their names are ever memorialized in Post 221’s full formal name: The Anthony-Hunt-Hamilton Post 221, Bedford, MA.

Over the decades, the American Legion Family of men and women have served this community in many fashions. Their dedication to assisting our Veterans at the Edith Norse Rogers VA. Coordination and participating in many annual patriotic ceremonies such as Memorial Day, Flag Day, reading of the Declaration of Independence, and Veterans Day.

Our mission is to support Veterans in our community. This is a charge we take seriously, with honor and respect.

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