Letter to the Editor, 21 February, 2019: Candidate Emily Mitchell


By Joanna Nickerson

I am writing to ask you to vote for Emily Mitchell for Selectman.  As a Selectman Emily will work towards livability within Bedford—trails, sidewalks, restaurants, and green initiatives; inclusivity—  for all residents to feel welcomed and valued; and accessibility— for easy access to vital information such as voting, permitting and “whom to ask”.

Emily’s experience and skills include:

Town government experience.   In 2016 Emily was elected trustee of the Bedford Public Library.  During her tenure a five-year plan has been completed, study spaces added and without disrupting the budget, children’s professional staff added.  As president of the board this year, she understands Town budgeting practice and presentation.

Knowledge of the community.-As an eighteen-year resident, Emily has had active and leadership involvement with a variety of community groups in town— Bedford Patrons of Music Students (currently president), parent coordinator of the JGMS musical and as a former warden and current HS Youth leader at St. Paul’s Church.

Communications skills.  She is a skilled listener to women and men from all walks of life.  Emily writes and responds sensitively and concisely.

Organization and preparedness.   
Balancing both day-to-day details with long-range planning, Emily excels at identifying and tracking priorities—as she did as warden during a period of transition at St. Paul’s Church.

Business background.- Emily holds master’s degrees in education and business.  Her work as a literary agent involves conducting negotiations, reading and interpreting contracts and balancing the needs of many different constituencies.

I urge you to vote for Emily Mitchell for Selectman on March 9th.

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