Everything You Need to Know to VOTE ~ Bedford’s Town Election ~ Saturday, March 9 ~ 8 am to 6 pm at JGMS

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Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

When and Where to Vote

The polls will open at 8 am on Saturday, March 3 and will remain open until 6 pm. All four of Bedford’s precincts vote in the gymnasium at the John Glenn Middle School, 99 McMahon Road – Click this link for a Google map and get directions if you need them http://bit.ly/2TGLxcH.

The 2019 Election Came Alive in Late 2018

The foundation for Bedford’s Town Election began to build in December 2018 when Selectman Caroline Fedele and School Committee member Michael McAllister announced that they would not seek third terms.

A new candidate, Emily Mitchell, announced her campaign for Selectman on December 5. It was followed by reelection statements by  Shawn Hanegan for Planning Board on December 18; JoAnn Santiago for School Committee on December 20;  Bill Moonan for Selectman on January 3; and Elizabeth Hacala for Library Trustee on January 4.

Bedford’s Annual Town Caucus

Bedford’s annual Town Caucus on January 8 saw incumbents come forward along with several new candidates. Each one earned the designation ‘Caucus Nominee’ that will appear on tomorrow’s ballot

Two Seats went Unfilled at the Caucus.

On January 12 Jill Marquis announced that she had taken out nomination papers and would be a candidate for the second available seat on the Bedford School Committee.

More recently, Nancy S. Asbedian, a resident of 16 Lido Lane, announced her intention to run as a write-in candidate for the Shawsheen Regional School Committee; to be elected, voters must write her full, legal name and address in the small blank space available on the paper ballot. According to Town Clerk Doreen Tremblay, small stickers will be acceptable and Asbedian will bring a supply to the candidate area outside the polls on Saturday morning.

Candidate Pages and Letters to the Editor

The Citizen published a unique page for each candidate last week.  Click this link to read that story, and follow down to read all the information we collected to share with our readers.

Each page contains basic and more detailed candidate information, a picture, their initial statement, answers to two questions posed by our editors, their final/wrap-up statements, links to each of the letters written on their behalf, and the Bedford TV public service announcements for those candidates in contested races who were able to participate.

In addition to the 38 voter letters, there are three of particular interest, each written by the spouse of a Selectman candidate. We thank Carol Amick, Stacy Chandler, and John Mitchell for sharing their thoughts about the candidates in their lives-Bill Moonan, Chris Gittins, and Emily Mitchell.

Other Campaign Coverage

In addition to multiple candidate coffees and events held in private homes, the League of Women Voters of Bedford held a public Candidate Forum on Sunday, March 3 in the auditorium at John Glenn Middle School that was videotaped by Bedford TV volunteers. Click this link to view the entire Candidate Forum.

Ryan Doucette, one of The Citizen’s Voices @ Bedford High School columnists, shared his observations from the afternoon’s program.

And the Outcome?

The Citizen will be at the polls to bring readers the unofficial vote totals shortly after they are released, along with the official totals posted later by Town Clerk Doreen Tremblay.